Hogville.net’s Dudley Dawson filled in once more for Mike Irwin in this week’s Ask Mike. Mike will return from vacation next week.

Q: Marty Byrde’s Proxy – Dudley.  Nick Smith is going to be an outstanding player, which we were pretty sure of going into the season.  You’ve seen most of the great ones come through; any certain player his game reminds you of? Todd Day or Joe Johnson come to mind? Others?

A: I think his all-around offensive game  reminds me most of Joe Johnson in that he can score at all three levels, Kareem Reid  in that he is creative and can distribute the ball to his teammates in a variety of ways and the athleticism of Teddy Gipson.

Q: Whippersnapper – Since it’s dudley and I have already asked Mike this question….what’s your most memorable moment while being a fan or covering the hogs?

A: It would be hard for me to not pick Charles Balentine’s shot to beat No. 1  North Carolina on Feb. 12, 1984 in Pine Bluff. Not only did my best friend hit a shot to take down a Michael Jordan, but it was also the same day I met my late wife Laura.

But the second would be walking out to the court to cover Arkansas’ 1994 national championship game against Duke. Not the actual game, but being there to cover it after watching it at home the first 30 years of my life.

Q: Brook Epling – Can we possibly see a Sweet 16 or Final 4 this year? Will Malachi Singleton be our 2nd String QB?

“Yes, definitely  a Sweet 16 berth is probable to me while a Final 4 is possible. But I do still have some concerns about outside shooting and turnovers. Muss’ teams have always gotten better as the year has gone along and I expect that to continue.

As far as Malachi Singleton, he will certainly have that opportunity and will be able to go through spring practice and have that chance. Well see how he comes back from his injury and who helps comes in with somebody like former Morrilton and North Carolina QB Jacolby Criswell – the younger brother off former Arkansas star and current San Francisco linebacker Dre Greenlaw – visiting Arkansas this weekend.

To me they have to add two other QBs besides Malachi to get the needed depth in the QB room.

Q: Jamie Haddock – SEC channel this morning listed Arkansas the potentially the worst football team in the West with Ole Miss as the other option. Will the realignment of the SEC help Arkansas or hurt since we are perceived as a lower tier program to feed to the perineal favorites.

A: To start, Auburn and Texas A&M are the current bottom feeders in the West. TV people say all kinds of things, some that actually believe and some just to start debate. Arkansas’ future success in the SEC will depend more on the acquisition and development of talent, not which pod or division that the Razorbacks are in.

Q: Gil Mcgarrity – The incident that happened against San Diego St. Is it over or are their consequences for the people involved.

A: Legally, no one is going to get in trouble and I don’t think it rose to the level that is warrantees. But the publicity from it will linger and it will be something that Coach Musselman will likely have to deal with on the road and maybe with some national writers.

Q: Joe Palmer – What really happened with Devo missing a game?

A: There is a lot of speculation – and some ridiculous rumors – on that, but until Muss or Devo actually confirms something or I am fine with calling it a personal matter that was dealt with. His teammates adore him.”