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Story: By Mike Irwin

Our first question comes from PorkSoda who asks:

In your opinion, what does more damage to a program’s reputation, holding on to a poor coach too long, or firing a coach before he has had a chance to prove himself?

  1. Both bad. Need a good AD to know when to make a change.
  2. A coach that runs a different system than the one you fired…. needs more than two seasons and Chad Morris will get that.

Al Boarland wants to know:

What do you suspect the game plan will be when A&M shuts down the run?

  1. Don’t have to suspect.
  2. The Aggies held Arkansas to a tick under a hundred yards rushing so they threw it more.
  3. Right at 300 yards passing.
  4. In fact Arkansas had more yard on the ground, more yards through the air and more yard totall offense than the Aggies.

holman24 is curious: If we lose this one like 60 to 10 will that be the end of Morris?

  1. Sorry. We will never know the answer to your question since your scenario didn’t happen.

BethesdaBoar asks: Are you hearing any rumblings of dissension within the coaching staff?

  1. No.

2 Dissention on Bret Bielema’s staff.

  1. Houston Nutt had some issue with his staff.
  2. Danny Ford wrote the book on coaching dissention. Liked it.
  3. Morris guys are close. Like each other. Socialize together.
  4. He’s a good leader.

Justifiable Hogicide wants to know:

Do you see ANY evidence, other than talk, that Morris is holding the players and coaches “accountable” as he promised after the San Jose debacle?

  1. Yes. The A&M game would be the evidence. A totally different game from the one we saw a week earlier.
  2. But I suspect the big difference wasn’t coaching but simply that A&M had Arkansas’ players attention and respect. San Jose State didn’t.

009000900090009003C006E0061006D0065E0061006C004D0065007400610064006100740061003E000D000A003C002F006D006F0073003E00Dark Helmet Hog asks: Which is a bigger problem right now? Is it poor coaching or a lack of talent? Would any former coaches get more out of this team?

  1. Neither one.
  2. It’s youth. Both Chad Morris and John Chavis moved some guys out last year.
  3. Right now a lot of the players who fit this system a rookies.
  4. Treylon Burks. Got a couple of penalties yesterday but a great talent.
  5. What will be be like in two years?
  6. Bret Bielema would have gotten more out of this team last year.
  7. His players. His system.
  8. This team? No.

Dwight_K_Shrute wants to know:

Mike, what are your personal thoughts of Texas A&M? Not necessarily this year but as a program & school in general?

  1. Classic Underachievers. Been that way forever.
  2. Huge alumni base. More money than they know what to do with.
  3. Monster Stadium.
  4. Totally committed and loyal fans
  5. School has one of the best recruting bases in college football.
  6. Proven winner as a head coach.
  7. 4th or 5th best football program in the SEC west.
  8. Crazy over the top traditions get in the way. Too nuts.
  9. Environment affects your brain.

HotlantaHog says: You mentioned Hunter Yurachek is meeting with Chad Morris after each game — what does the AD hope to achieve with this? What level of advice is Yurachek giving, do we know?

  1. Don’t know.
  2. Suspect that the meetings are Morris idea.
  3. Smart to keep you boss informed.
  4. Not a lot of Xs & Os talk.
  5. Morris asking for advice.
  6. Good ADs know what’s going on with their coaches.

Piglet wants to know:
What do you think of the game planning, play calling, and in-game adjustments so far this season? Do you feel this staff may have some weaknesses that are contributing to the rough start?

  1. Play calling. Safe. Conservative. Predictable
  2. Suspect it’s because of the youth and inexperience with the system.
  3. Will be interesting to see how the play calling changes down the road.
  4. Starkel another year.
  5. Same with Chavis. 2nd youngest starting lineup in the BCS.
  6. Will probably blitz more as some of these younger players gain experience..

Kevin is upset and wants to know:

Why in the world is an interview with houston nutt allowed on the official website of arkansas athletics?
no problem with bo interviewing him, but it should not be on the website.

  1. Nutt was not fired. He left on his own.
  2. The current AD has no reason to have an issue with him.
  3. Nutt is a college football analyst for CBS radio.
  4. He took Arkansas to the SEC Championship game twice.
  5. Not like putting Petrino on the podcast which I doubt would ever happen.

Kevin has a second question:

The hogs have two weeks to get ready for kentucky, what do you think should be emphasized during this time? Hogs need a SEC win desperately.

  1. Might not be necessary but…
  2. Proper mental preparation for the game.
  3. Respect the opponent.
  4. Kentucky is not very good. They’ve struggled on both sides of the ball.
  5. But it’s a home game for them.
  6. Assume they’ll play their best game of the season against you.
  7. Work, work work on red zone offense
  8. Expand the Red Zone play book.
  9. Score touchdowns, not field goals.
  10. Defense: Work, work work on tackling.
  11. Eliminate over running receivers after the catch.
  12. Put more pressure on the quarterback.
  13. Rotate more D linemen even if that means putting rookies out there.
    Hoggle says: Even in “moral victory” it still feels like poor coaching to me – formation penalties, communication errors on routes, snaps, etc. We’ve seen what a disciplined, well-coached team looks like under Petrino. Is this coaching staff good enough to get Petrino level results, ever?
  14. Probably don’t want to hear this.
  15. Too many underclassmen leads to mistakes.
  16. A&M made mistakes too.
  17. Petrino? Too early to tell.
  18. Pretty sure Morris won’t get caught riding around on a motorcycle with a Volleyball chick on the back.
  19. If he gets fired it won’t be for that.

t1hog asks:
Why did Coach Morris sit freshman WR Knox out of the Texas A &M game?

  1. Knox is tremendously talented but he needs to put on some weight going forward.
  2. Weight 205 but he’s 6-5.
  3. Treylon Burks is 6-3 and has 20 pounds on him.
  4. Long story short Knox is beat up.
  5. Specifically a nagging hip problem.
  6. Sitting him out plus the open date week will give him a chance to heal up.
  7. He’s your future: Last thing you want to do is get him where he
    can’t take the field at all.

Okay, time for my question to me. What I would ask if I were you guys and the show was Ask Carnac or some other TV type.

Did the A&M game change your mind
about where this football program is after 17 games under Chad Morris:

  1. Actually it did.
  2. Ben Hicks had a lot to do with it.
  3. Two QBs who can move the chains.
  4. Receivers are better than last year too.
  5. Even without one of the top two receivers…. almost won the game.
  6. through five game outscoring opponents 143-140
  7. Last year it was 119-156.
  8. Total offense is up. 435-350 last year.
  9. Passing is way up. 293-208. QBs receivers.
  10. Down in rushing 148-141.
  11. A&M game last year.
  12. Once the aggies took a 14-0 lead in the 1st quarter… Arkansas never got closer than 7 points.
  13. Arkansas had the lead two different times this year.
  14. Last year had the ball down 7 late but never got past midfield.
  15. This year got to the A&M 18 with a chance to win it
  16. Progress is being made.

That’s Ask Mike for another week. I’ll be back next Monday when I’m sure we’ll get a lot of questions about the upcoming Kentucky game.

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