Away from campus, Boyd and Smith use Houston trainer to stay in shape

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Former college wide receiver Justin Allen has a success story all his own. It’s one to learn about if you ever have the time (, but currently Allen is helping make success stories out of the athletes he works with.

Founding his own training facility and company appropriately named ALL-EN Sports Performance, he works with the likes of James Harden, Cee Dee Lamb, other Division 1 athletes, and high school kids to make them better.

Over the last couple of months when Arkansas’ campus facilities were closed, and the student-athletes were sent home, Allen worked with Razorback running backs Rakeem Boyd and Trelon Smith to help get them ready for the 2020 season.

“I’ve been knowing Justin Allen for a long time, you know what I mean, like even before A&M,” Boyd told us when we asked him about his connection to Allen.

“Rakeem was a senior in High school, and he ended up going to A&M, and then went to junior college,” says Allen, “I told him, ‘hey, you’re a next level back. You just have to put the work in, you know what I’m saying, with education grades and all that.”

Allen met Arkansas running back Trelon Smith through Smith’s brother Noah. As fate would have it, Smith and Boyd’s paths would meet in Fayetteville.

“Fast forward three and 1/2 years later, and you have Trelon at Arkansas and Rakeem at Arkansas. It’s a dream for me,” says Allen.

Rakeem Boyd wanted to make sure he was in the best shape of his life coming into his final season on college football. No question, Allen was the guy to help him.

“One of the things he wanted to focus on this off-season was balance and stability and things like that. So we put in the work on those things. That is a big reason why he came back for his senior year. He felt like he had unfinished business, which I agree with. He had some things he wanted to improve on which is why I like working with him. He wants to be that better of a teammate.” adds Allen.

Smith and Boyd are both competitors. Heading into this red-shirt sophomore season, Smith wants to be the top back. Boyd wants to keep it. Allen tells us, it’s great to see them both push each other and make each other better.

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