Being a Morgan: sitting down with Grant Morgan’s wife, Sydnie

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Grant Morgan has had quite the season so far in 2020. leading the SEC in tackles, he is also the only player on the Arkansas roster who is married.

“We started dating in 2013, and now we’re at seven years dating this October and we’re about to celebrate our one year marriage,” says Sydnie Morgan.

Both from Greenwood, AR, Sydnie played softball at Arkansas Tech, while Grant, a year younger, followed his dream to play for the Razorbacks.

“We had ups and downs, but there’s nothing more than that we wanted than each other in the end and we made it work,” says Sydnie about their relationship over the years, “I could not be more proud of him in the work that he’s put in to get to this point, because, like I said, for seven years, I’ve seen him work to get to where he’s at now, and I never doubted him if anyone close to him never doubted them. And I think he’s finally getting to show what he’s worked so hard to to gain.”

Sydnie was a big part of Morgan’s support system, as he proved year after year, why he could be a linebacker in the SEC.

“I knew he always could prove himself wherever he went and he fed off the doubt. You know, so, so many people, even before this year was questioning the linebacker corps. You know, they feed off that, and I think that is completely what Grant has always done.”

Sydnie remembers the first big milestone Grant achieved at Arkansas.

“I remember the day he got the scholarship. We were just over the moon. And it just up to that point, he worked so hard for that and he 100 percent deserved it.”

And his most recent.

“My favorite moment, one of them this year so far was when he was named captain, he came home and told me, you know, I’m jumping up and down as a wife. I’m like, ‘oh, my gosh, you work so hard for this.’ And, you know, he’s calm, cool, collected, can’t can’t show too much. But, you know, he looked at me and he said, ‘you know, I feel more excited about being team captain than the day I got a scholarship.’ That’s pretty incredible that he honestly feels that way because that just goes to show, you know, the kind of person he is, the kind of teammate he is, that he felt more of an honor to me to be named captain by his teammates than he did when he got an individual scholarship.”

We asked Grant at the beginning of fall camp how marriage was treating him, and he told us Sydnie pushes him harder than any of his coaches do.

“I would totally agree,” Sydnie laughs, “I am definitely his harshest critic, but I’m his biggest fan for sure. And it’s not just necessarily I mean, I’m not going to come out and say I know everything about football. But, you know, as a woman, I do feel like I know quite a bit. And I can tell, you know, like you didn’t fit that gap or, you know, you didn’t set the edge. And every now and then I can do that. But it’s really just, you know, keeping on top of everything. He doesn’t need help with that. He’s very straightforward. He knows what he wants in life. He knows what he needs to do to get the job done. But every now and then, I’ll be like, ‘hey, did you get this done? What did you do today to get better?'”

It’s been quite the start of the season for Grant, capped off most recently with a pick six at the end of the Ole Miss game in Sydnie was there in the stands celebrating with him when he caught it.

“I think I was in shock. I don’t know exactly what happened. It kind of blacked out, but I saw him running. I was like, ‘oh my gosh, he might score. Oh my gosh. He just took someone out and then he got to the end zone. I was like, oh, my God, you know,’ And to see the crowd react the way they did, it was just as a wife and as a fiancée and as a girlfriend, seeing everything that he’s worked so hard for. It just felt so good to see fans cheering him on the team on. I was so excited for the team. I was so excited for Grant in that moment, and I don’t think our family section stopped yelling for the duration of the game or for hours afterwards, to be honest.”

She also says Grant gets an A+ in the husband department. Despite how hard it is to juggle being married and being a college football player, he still does the dishes and takes out the trash.

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