Pittman’s H.S. Coach: ‘Sam is a Solid Person and That Makes him a Great Recruiter’

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Story By Drew Amman:

Fayetteville, AR-

With Sam Pittman a few days removed from being introduced as the new Head Hog, our Sports Director Jason Carroll caught up with part of Pittman’s roots from Oklahoma as Charlie Cooper stopped by the Pig Trail Nation Studio.

Cooper had a big impact on Pittman’s career having coached Pittman at Grove High School. Pittman says Cooper taught him a lot including ‘taking his mind and body further than he thought.’ Cooper points out why Pittman is regarded as one of the best recruiters in the nation.

“If he tells you something, that’s the way it’s gonna be, and that’s very very important in any business, especially coaching. I knew he loved it over here, I knew his wife loved it over here, and when he left, I
was really kinda surprised, but you know, money talks a lot of times. I knew if he ever had a chance to get back in this area,
he probably would try ’cause he really liked the people, liked the
community, liked the university. His greatest asset
is what he is and who he stands for. He’s just a good solid person
and that’s what makes him such a good recruiter, because when he sits down with parents and players, they can see some reality there,” Cooper said.

“When you send your kid off to college, that feeling of trust is
really important, and I think that is where Sam is great, he was great to coach, his Dad and Mom were both in the school district, very good people,
and he was raised right…by very good people. Sam is a hard working young man. You go get you a chainsaw and he’ll make you a wreck
of firewood. He’s not afraid of labor…doesn’t mind working at all,” Cooper said.

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