“It was a wild process. MLB Draft is like no other. You have maybe five minutes to make your decision, and it’s a hectic process. I got the call and it was around the eighth round that they called to let me know, and I like what they have here and what they’re working with,” said Noland.

Looking back on the 2022 season, he is proud of the way the team came together after their slump at the end of the regular season and made it back to Omaha.

“I think it’s just remarkable what we did. Obviously, coming off the SEC tournament, everybody had their question marks around us and probably had their doubts about the team. But we met as a team and really decided that we needed to come together, play with each other and just play for another day. Once you get to the postseason, you never know when it’s going to be your last time to step on that field. And for a lot of guys last time to wear that Arkansas across their chest and wear the name on the on the back of their jersey. So it was just one of those things. You look back and you think about what the deciding moment was, and I really think it was that.”

Connor Noland wore the Razorback uniform for four seasons on the baseball diamond and one season on the football field. Now that his time as a Diamond Hog is over, he believes, except winning a College World Series, he accomplished everything he wanted to.

You know, the postseason run we had was really special. And I’m glad I was put in this position to help lead the team to an Omaha run,” Noland continues, “You know, I got to throw two times there and a lot of people can’t make it there once I’ve been there twice thrown there three times. So I think that’s definitely a great achievement and I wish we could have finished it off, but I think we showed our fight, our heart, our grit all throughout that postseason.”