FAYETTEVILLE, Ar. (KNWA) – First-year cornerbacks coach Dominique Bowman might be new to the Razorbacks staff this year, but it doesn’t feel that way to him.

That’s because Arkansas holds a special place in his heart and working for this team is really a dream come true because he gets to be right back where it all started.

“I’m from Forrest City, Arkansas, my parents were born in Forrest City, I was born in Forrest City, I moved to Memphis as an adolescent but my dad and my parents and everybody, this was a no-brainer. This is the best job in the country for me,” Bowman said.

Not many coaches get the chance to say they work for the team they grew up rooting for, but for Bowman, that is the case.

“I grew up I’m a basketball player at heart so Corey Beck, Scottie Thurman, I grew up watching those guys play. When I got the job I had two million phone calls asking for tickets and all that, I said I haven’t even gotten there yet,” Bowman said.

He hasn’t spent a long time on the college coaching scene, but it didn’t take long to impress hogs defensive coordinator Barry Odom. Bowman caught Odom’s eye when he was coaching at the high school level.

“Barry Odom was the defensive coordinator in Memphis back when I was at Cordova High School. I go to the school and camps and talk ball with those guys. So when the opportunity presented itself, I had a couple of things going on. But Barry did reach out to me and once I saw Barry, he sent me a message, to call him, I was at another spot interviewing it’s like 7 in the morning, and I went to bathroom and we saw it and I was like, I hope I don’t get this one. You know, I want to be with Barry, you know? And so, you know, what are you doing? I said I’m in the airport, he was like don’t take a job until you talk to me,” Bowman said.

Once he got to the Hill, it didn’t take long for Bowman to be a hit with the players and getting recruits to want to play for him.

Bowman says he thinks you can attribute that to his high school coaching days..

“I tell guys all the time, hey I’m a high school guy, I’m still trying to get it like your trying to get it, and for a long time we had a lot in common. Nick Saban didn’t want me he doesn’t want you either so we’re fine. It is what it is. I just be me and I guess I relate to them,” Bowman said.

The cornerbacks’ room is one loaded with talent this year, so Bowman has definitely got his hands full in his first season with the Hogs.

Don’t be surprised to see his position group shine on the field and if you ask any of those players why that is, they will give a lot of credit to the guy from Forrest City.