Dave Van Horn “Explains” Waving Motion When John Calipari Ejected

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FAYETTEVILLE — Arkansas head baseball coach Dave Van Horn was seen waving goodbye at Kentucky’s John Calipari when he was ejected during last Saturday’s basketball game.

Van Horn was asked about that during his preseason meeting with the media on Friday and had a simple explanation.

“I was just stretching my arm,” Van Horn said. “It was a little sore. I was a little stiff at the game.”

Obviously Van Horn was joking about stretching his arm. He went into further detail about Calipari.

“I was from me to you from him when he was over there yelling and I read his lips and I knew everything he said, and it wasn’t nice,” Van Horn said. “Basically, in my opinion, he was trying to get thrown out of the game and fire his team up, and it worked. He got after one official pretty good. He don’t like him every much.”

Van Horn talked about going to the basketball games and his relationship with Eric Musselman.

“I’ve gotten to know Eric,” Van Horn said. “I’ve been out to dinner with Eric a couple of times and really enjoyed being around him and his wife. I’ve been to three basketball games. Those aren’t my seats, by the way. I want you to know that. Mine are way up there somewhere. I’ve never really asked to change them since I got them 17 years ago. Maybe I should.

“During the season we’re playing all the time and I kind of feel guilty if I’m not at the game. I don’t want to snag someone’s good seat there. I enjoy the basketball games. I enjoy being around coach Musselman, and the way we’re doing our practice tomorrow is to give the guys a chance to get to the game. I feel that’s important. I think all the coaches support each other pretty well.”

Musselman has rallied Arkansas fans around the basketball program. Van Horn is impressed.

“He’s done a great job, what can you say?” Van Horn said. “They’re playing, man. Like everybody else, you see what’s up. They need a big guy – a couple of them. They’re scrappy. When they shoot good they’re going to beat you, and if they don’t, it’s going to be tough. But I’ve enjoyed it.”

Arkansas opens the season on Friday, Feb. 14, against Eastern Illinois at Baum-Walker Stadium. The first pitch is set for 3 p.m.

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