FAYETTEVILLE, AR. (KNWA/KFTA) – The 2022 roster for the Razorbacks comes with so many new faces for Hog fans. But it’s not all new faces. 

“They have my back, and why would I not have their back? You know, they have my back and so I think that’s something that I get to know, which is joy and passion for the game and just playing hard, which is what I do,” says Davonte Davis.

The Jacksonville native and Razorback veteran is coming into his third season on the Hill. 

In those three years, his role has evolved with the team. 

“Teams have been different in many ways. So I can say that and personally, I’ve enjoyed every season,” says Davis.

After two Elite Eight appearances as an underclassman, his role is going to have to have to evolve again as a junior with such a talented young roster. 

“I never thought I’d be here right now. Doing what I need to do for this team that we have coming up for the season,” says Davis.

Devo says he sees his new role as an outspoken leader and player-coach. 

“OK. They’re going to look at me. I’ve been here, you know, and so, like, I got to get them prepared. And so if we’re not prepared, it may fall back on me because I was the one that’s supposed to get them prepared because, I mean, the coaches can coaches, they can give us the blueprint, but we got to go out there play, you know, so,” says Davis.

Davis claims his role isn’t the only thing that has evolved. He expects his game to have grown significantly. 

We asked Davis how he felt about matching or building on the momentum of the last two seasons.

“I feel good about it, I think we’re ready,” says Davis.

“Everyone thinks we can win the championship. So that’s the main goal, you know what I mean? But I think that comes with a little bit of luck, a little bit of guy. Then I guess you can say energy because I mean, you’re making it it’s like 40, 50 games in was if you make it that far. So I feel like we can get there again and see where everything falls out,” says Davis.