Originally aired July 17, 2018:

Brian and Nanci Early took Dre Greenlaw in while he was in high school and made him a part of their family. Brian was an assistant football coach at Fayetteville High School at the time.

Greenlaw was in the foster system, and when the Earlys, who had been spending time with Dre off the football field, found out he could possibly be moving again, they made the decision to let him come live with them.

Fast forward to 2018, and as Greenlaw enters his senior season at Arkansas, the Razorback linebacker is now legally part of the Early family.

“I turned 21 last May, last month, and so we decided that since I was 21 and old enough and mature enough to decide what I wanted to do. Because my family, technically, rights were terminated from me, so I decided to make them my official mom and dad. They were mom and dad anyways, but this makes it some type of commitment,” said Greenlaw at SEC Media Days.