By Otis Kirk

Former Arkansas linebacker Dre Greenlaw had a good showing at Arkansas’ Pro Day on Monday in front of scouts from the NFL.

Greenlaw ran an unofficial time of 4.53 in the 40-yard dash. At the conclusion of the pro day, Greenlaw talked about his performance.

“You know, I felt like I could have done better,” Greenlaw said. “There were some things. I’m the type that thinks I could better …  Didn’t do bad. Ran well. Ran lower 4.5s. Definitely could have run faster. Just a few little things barking on me. I was kind of hearing it and kind of feeling it. For the most part I ran hard and looked smooth, looked fast. I felt like I ran good.”

You didn’t participate in many of the events at the NFL Combine, do you feel that decision paid off considering your performance today?

“I think so,” Greenlaw said. “I planned on running at the combine. Started up getting ready for the 40, started warming up. Whenever I took off to stride, just kind of felt a little something in my hamstring, didn’t feel comfortable. I didn’t want to go out there and make it more than what it was. I surely didn’t want to go out there and run a slow time. My agent thought it was the best decision to wait for Pro Day and I think it paid off.”

What are you hearing now and where you at in the process leading up to the draft?

“I’ve got a lot of teams that wants to work out with me, wants to interview me,” Greenlaw said. “Got about 6 or 7 teams right now that’s coming to Fayetteville. So, I’m hearing a lot of good things from teams, especially since the Senior Bowl.

“Of course, they all want to know why I didn’t run at the Combine. As far as just athleticism and ability and even running, I think they all like that. I even had a couple of teams suggest safety. Whichever one works best.”

How was the Senior Bowl?

“It was very important,” Greenlaw said. “Just the fact I couldn’t do much at Combine. The Senior Bowl scouts said …, general managers, head coaches. So you’ve got the biggest thing at the Senior Bowl. For me to be healthy then and be able to showcase my talent and be able to run with shoulder pads on and make some plays out there, I thought was the biggest thing for me.”

Greenlaw talked about where he will workout the next few weeks leading up to the draft.

“I might stay in Fayetteville,” Greenlaw said. “I might go to Houston. Not sure yet. Kind of thinking on it. My dad and family are living in Houston. I’m telling teams I’m going to be in Fayetteville, so right now for me it’s just grinding and doing the things I do every day. Just no days off and hopefully on April 25 it’ll pay off.”

At times at the combine players get asked some crazy questions. Did you get any of those?

“Nah, not really,” Greenlaw said. “Everything was pretty standard for the most part. Just getting that experience from the Senior Bowl to the combine. The Senior Bowl was a lot more crazy questions. The Combine was pretty standard. The question about going back to safety. I haven’t played safety in a while. I had a team that was like, ‘Can you drop back down to 220?’ I was like ‘If you pay me to I’ll do it. No doubt.’ That was about the craziest question.”

Greenlaw did some training at the Michael Johnson Performance Camp in McKinney, Texas. How was that?

“It was great,” Greenlaw said. “Just the level of energy those guys got, the level of experts. The level they’ve been competing at with other programs, they did a good job of telling me and selling me and showing me the difference between guys when they first come in and guys when they leave. I saw myself being able to go in and make a difference and improve my time and techniques and strengths. I think they did a good job.”

How often did your story come up? 

“Every single one of them,” Greenlaw said. “Of course when they all meet you they ask where you’re from, family background, history and all that. They already for the most part know. As soon as I start talking about it they tell me to go into detail. I think that was a huge thing with me, just teams now sure if they want to take a risk on somebody that had a rough past. But in the end, it’s all about the future and what I can do with that. I put the past behind me and just looking forward to the future.”

In four years at Arkansas the former Fayetteville High School standout played in 41 games, with 38 starts, had 320 tackles, 158 solo, 13 tackles for loss, four sacks, four forced fumbles, three fumble recoveries, three interceptions, five quarterback hurries and three pass breakups.