Dropping sports programs & cutting costs; looking at the impact COVID-19 has had and could have on athletics

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Dr. Steve Dittmore from the University of Arkansas is the Assistant Department Head/Graduate Coordinator for the Department of Health, Human Performance and Recreation and has over ten years of experience in sport public relations.

He sees the COVID-19 Pandemic through a lense most don’t, and provided a lot of insight when we talked to him on Tuesday.

Monday, after Furman announced they were cutting their basketball and lacrosse programs to save money due to the Coronavirus, Dittmore started this thread on twitter:

In addition to discussing the impact the pandemic is having on smaller schools, Dittmore talked about the impact D1 schools are facing, what things could look like with students & student athletes in the fall, and long term, how COVID-19 will possibly impact the world of sports.

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