By Otis Kirk

FAYETTEVILLE — The USA Today Coaches Poll was released on Monday and it made for some great debates with everyone knowing college football is nearing.

Here’s five random thoughts about the poll.

Texas No. 1

Once again someone voted for Texas No. 1 in the preseason. No school is more overrated each year than the Longhorns. They supposedly sign basically all four- and five-star players. Many of those can’t miss standouts end up not even being drafted in four or five years. Nothing about last year’s 5-7 record indicates the Longhorns deserve a No. 1 preseason vote. The Longhorns came in at No. 18. Alabama got 54 first-place votes, Georgia six and Ohio State five.

Most Overrated SEC Team in Poll

It would seem an argument could be made for two schools here. Texas A&M at No. 7 or Kentucky at No. 21 would be the likely candidates. I tend to go with Kentucky. I may be wrong, but I don’t think Kentucky will be better than Arkansas this year.

Odd Not Seeing This Trio

It just seems seeing a preseason poll for college football with Auburn, Florida and LSU not among the schools. This isn’t to imply they deserve to be in the Top 25, but just an odd year to not see all three of those not ranked in preseason. Will be interesting to see how one second-year and two first-year coaches do at those schools. Auburn will be interesting to watch this season in that they basically tried to run their coach after last season and failed.

Should Have Been in There

Arkansas will travel to BYU on Oct. 15 for a big game. BYU was 10-3 in 2021 and has 20 starters returning. I don’t see how they were kept out of the Top 25. I think BYU is one of the three best teams the Hogs will face this season behind only Alabama and maybe Texas A&M. Not sure if A&M was going to Provo on Sept. 2 I would pick them to win.

If No SEC Team Wins NC

If no SEC team wins the national championship this season it would seem that Ohio State, Clemson or Notre Dame might have the best shot at it. Some might make an argument for Michigan, Utah, Oklahoma and Baylor.