Georgia ace Shelby Walters made sure there would be no last-strike heroics needed against Arkansas on Friday night at Bogle Park.

Walters (15-1) fired a two-hit shutout to lead the No. 8 and SEC-leading Bulldogs to a 4-0 victory series-clinching win over the No. 9 Razorbacks.

Sara Mosley’s two-run homer was part of a three-run third inning for Georgia (31-7, 11-2) that proved to be all Walters needed to take down Arkansas (27-11, 8-6).

“I thought she threw a good game,” Arkansas head coach Courtney Deifel said. “I thought she kept us off balance really well. We just couldn’t get anything going. 

The Georgia win came a night after Bulldog junior Jayden Kearney hit a three-run homer off Arkansas ace Chenise Delce that lifted the visitors to a 4-3 win.

“I don’t know if it was coming off last night – the punch in the gut – because I felt like they were pretty good through warmups and everything,” Deifel said. “Just maybe a notch lower than they were yesterday, but I think on a night lie tonight, you just have to tip your hat to Walters. I think she threw a great game and hope we are going to be better next game.”

Arkansas was limited to just two hits although he had several hard-hit balls.

“That’s the game some times,” Deifel said. “I think we hit some hard shots at Amsted at short and I thought she played them routinely. She plays a very good shortstop. And Tina (Kristina Foreman) had the one to the wall that they caught. 

“So I think there were some and I think you have to know that you had a good at bat, you have to know that you hit it hard because you are also going to hit a flare sometime and it is going to drop in.n. The game kind of evens out at some point.”

Hannah Camenzind (2-2) started and pitched 4 2/3 innings  for Arkansas and was followed to the mound by fellow freshmen Nikki McGaffin and Robyn Herron as Georgia had seven hits.

Arkansas will look to salvage a game in series Saturday at 5 p.m.

“It is really important,” Deifel said. “Any game that you can get is huge. For us, it is about pride tomorrow. We have to dig in and find a way to get one. So it is just kind of hoping we show up tomorrow. I’m hoping. They can control that a little bit. Just wanting to be relentless sand trying to figure out anyway we can to get one.

“Georgia is a very good team. They are complete and they are very tough and I feel like we have competed really well with them. So tomorrow is about pride and trying to figure out a way to get one.”

Photo by John D. James