He’s a natural! Baby Bowen Neighbors makes TV debut

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On Thursday May 14, 2020, Women’s Basketball head coach Mike Neighbors welcomed his son Bowen Stone Neighbors to the world.

On Monday, Neighbors and Bowen made their TV debut, talking with us via Zoom about how the first four days have gone. Neighbors has two older kids, a daughter and son.

“When your births are 18 years apart there is a quite a bit of technology change in between the things. As far as the holding and picking up the right way, and getting the car seat locked in, yeah that stuff comes back to you pretty quick,” says Neighbors, “But some of the new features you put on their feet at night so you don’t have to sleep with your hand on their chest. All the cool things that technology allows you to do it’s a lot of new things. But as long as they lay in your arms like this that’s the same.”

Coach says he’s been able to read a book to Bowen every night, and right now the favorite is “B is for Baller”.

Watch the full interview with Bowen and dad above.

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