By Otis Kirk

FAYETTEVILLE — Norman (Okla.) Community Christian School Class of 2023 four-star defensive end Bai Jobe was among the campers at Arkansas on Friday.

Jobe, 6-5, 205, showed a lot of versatile talent coming off the edge against some talented offensive linemen at the camp. How was the camp?

“It was going good,” Jobe said. “I enjoyed it a lot for sure. I like it. It wasn’t a big, big competition, but I liked it a lot.”

At the camp, he worked with Arkansas’ Jermial Ashley. The two apparently hit it off pretty good.

“I like him a lot because the coach is all nice,” Jobe said. “He is helping people if you do wrong thing they just tell you do it like a good thing and stuff. I like it a lot. Because I do a lot of mistakes and like when coaches correct me they are wanting me to get better. I like that a lot.”

On June 1, athletes were able to start visiting schools and attending camps. How many have you been to thus far?

“This is only my second camp,” Jobe said. “I went to (Texas) A&M two week’s ago and this is my second camp so far.”

Are you learning some things at these camps though that will help you become even better?

“Oh yeah. Like today, I learned a lot of things,” Jobe said. “A lot like spacing. Getting my space and know how to beat my guy and stuff. I like it a lot.”

Jobe has offers to Arkansas, Texas Tech, Minnesota (as a tight end), Iowa State, Oklahoma State, Vanderbilt, Washington State and Pittsburgh. What do you do well that is causing these schools to offer you?

“They like my athleticism,” Jobe said. “I can run. I’m quick enough and I’m strong. I can get my guy anytime and go get the quarterback and stuff. That’s what all the coaches like and offered me.”

Last spring when first contacted by this reporter Jobe said his parents in Africa weren’t sure about him playing football. Have your parents gotten more comfortable with you playing football?

“My African parents,” Jobe said. “No they’ve never been here yet so far, but I wish, I think they will come soon and watch me play. They will really like it. First time they didn’t know anything about it and they were thinking that’s a crazy thing to do. They didn’t want me to get hurt, but now it’s fine.”

What are your thoughts on the facilities at Arkansas?

“I like it,” Jobe said. “I didn’t go yet to the tour of the campus, but I like what I see so far. It looks real good what I see so far.”

What are you looking for in a college?

“I’m looking for somewhere I can fit,” Jobe said. “Somewhere I can get to play. Somewhere they really, really need me. I’m just working hard. By the end of the day I just want to go somewhere that I can fit.”