Arkansas’ Class Looking Very Good on Paper, But Sam Pittman, Staff Not Finished

Hog Recruiting

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FAYETTEVILLE — Arkansas signed 23 prospects on Wednesday and have a transfer wide receiver on campus who counts toward the Class of 2021, but the Hogs aren’t finished.

Arkansas head football coach Sam Pittman talked about Arkansas’ needs still remaining and plans for the remainder of the class.

“Now we still have some scholarships available and I think we still need one more big D-lineman, preferably a pass-rushing defensive end,” Pittman said. “And at least one more offensive lineman. If I had my druthers I’d like to go 2 and 2 on both sides. We have one available scholarship and we can push three forward. But as of right now the thoughts are going big and going on both sides of the ball but obviously we would take the positions of need if somebody gets in the transfer portal we think can help us.”

The traditional signing period will start on Wednesday, Feb. 3. The Razorbacks signed three defensive linemen in this class and the inked the same number on the offensive line. The offensive linemen are Bogata (Texas) Rivercrest’s Cole Carson, 6-6. 290; Arnaudville (La.) Beau Chene’s Devon Manuel, 6-9, 300; and Wynne’s Terry Wells, 6-5. 306.

“I really like the guys we got,” Pittman said. “Terry Wells I think was the very first one. He’s a 305-pound kid that really has great feet, smart and I think he can develop into an excellent offensive lineman. Cole Carson, I think him and Devon Manuel both came here on the same junior day, I believe. I think all three of them were here, to be honest with you. Could be wrong on that, but I think all three of them were at junior day at the same time. Cole, the only thing with Cole was I wanted to see how big he was. He’s as big or bigger than Frank Ragnow was. I remember thinking that whenever I first met him. I loved him because he had his name on the back of his belt. I kind of like guys like that. I liked his athleticism on the field. I liked his natural ability to explode through his hips.

“Then Devon Manuel, the first thing that kind of caught my eye about Devon was not necessarily his size, because he’s huge, but his basketball skill. I think the first few clips that I saw on him, watching him, was from playing basketball. He’s a very good basketball player. Very light on his feet. I don’t know if raw is the word, but I think there’s a lot of things we can do there to help him technique-wise and things of that nature. He’s very well coached in high school, but I think when he gets here,the sky’s the limit because he is very athletic and he’s huge. Those are the type of kids we need in our program on the offensive line.”

With four scholarships remaining in the Class of 2021 the coaches are also hitting 2022 extremely hard.

“Our focus has been on 2022 now, heavy focus, over the last month,” Pittman said. “I think you have to, especially once we got pretty close to our number. We have four left, I want to find the four best players in the world that can come in here and help us. Obviously if that’s a high school player… we’re still going to recruit high school kids. But my mind is telling me that I want four guys that have played the game that can help us immediately.”

“That could be a very highly touted guy coming out of high school, as well. I still don’t believe recruiting is over. In other words, I believe there’s still really good players out there. Because a year ago today we’re still sitting there, and I don’t know how many we had signed maybe six, and my mind was belieiving that we were going to go sign the greatest class ever, you know? Once you get out on the road you realize all the kids are gone already. But we’re going to concentrate on those four very, very important scholarships and we’re going to move forward on the 2022 class.”

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