Chandler Morris Talks Decision to Become a Razorback

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By Otis Kirk

Highland Park (Texas) quarterback Chandler Morris committed to the Hogs on Friday. 

Here’s a Q&A with him on why he chose the Hogs.

Q — When did you tell your dad?

A — β€œI officially told him probably a couple of weeks ago, talking about the date that I was going to release it,” Morris said. β€œI told him I guess late January and that I just felt it was the right decision. It brought a lot of relief I guess and I felt like it was the right decision.
β€œI told him a couple of weeks ago that I am ready to release it on this day and everything like that so that was kind of when he knew that it was official.”

Q — Why did you do it today?

A — β€œI didn’t know the next time I would be in Fayetteville, but I knew that I would be up here for this camp tonight,” Morris said. β€œI just felt like I wanted to be around the whole Arkansas family and share this special day with them.”

Q — What was your dad’s reaction?

A — β€œHe gave me a big hug, he was excited,” Morris said. β€œWe understand that we have got a lot of work to do together. There are going to be some things that are gong to be weird about it, but it is gong to be a really cool story and a lot of fun and a lot of success.”

Q — (Jokingly ask) Get a new car or truck out of the deal?

A — β€œI mean my sister got one when she went off to college so I am expecting one,” Morris said. 

Q — Easy decision, for or against to attend Arkansas?

A — β€œIt was the most difficult decision that I have had to make and as an 18-year-old it kind of seems unfair that you have to make this decision at this young of an age,” Morris said. β€œBut it was a tough decision and I had to lay out the pros and cons and I noticed that I had more pros than I had cons. 

β€œI knew there was going to be a lot of pressure on the line, but I am not the type to run away from pressure. So I understood that and I didn’t let the pressure scare me away.”

Q — Are you gonna be out there recruiting for Arkansas since you are from Texas?

A — “Yes sir, I will be on those Texas boys and all over the country,” Morris said. “Hopefully, I have the respect from them they will want to come play with me and get this place right. We’re gonna do that for sure.”

Q — Talk about being the only Arkansas quarterback commitment to ever go to the Elite 11?

A — “That’s an honor,” Morris said. “I’ve got that in a couple of weeks. I will be wearing that Razorback on a hat showing that logo off a bit. Talking to my some of my boys out there saying, ‘We’ve got something special coming in Fayetteville. Let’s go be a part of it.’ That will be a lot of fun.”

Q — What are your thoughts on being a dual-threat quarterback?

A — “I mean obviously I’m not your typical 6-4 quarterback everybody likes to talk about, but I think in today’s game short quarterbacks are having success,” Morris said. “I understand I can get out of plays with my feet. I’m confident enough to make any throw on the field understanding anytime the play breaks down I can make plays with my feet.”

Q — What kind of team does Highland Park return in 2019, got another championship in you?

A — “That’s the plan,” Morris said. “We’re working this offseason. We’ve  got a really good receiving core coming back. Some new guys as well. The defense is gonna be really good. We’re working hard this offseason.”

Q — Why did you stay at Highland Park?

A — “In eighth grade I moved there I was in quarterback competition all the way until my sophomore year,” Morris said. “I won the job my sophomore year the same time my dad got this job. My family has great respect for Coach Allen and the program I’m at. We decided I didn’t want to leave my friends. We understood we were gonna have a good team coming up these two years and I didn’t want to leave that.”

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