LITTLE ROCK — Little Rock Christian Class of 2024 quarterback Walker White is the latest in his family to excel in athletics.

White’s father was an outstanding golfer at Arkansas, one brother John David White is a talented receiver with the Razorbacks, another brother Zac White is a member of the Razorback baseball team and his other brother Cooper was a wide receiver for Pulaski Academy last fall. The younger White attended Thursday’s camp at Arkansas and worked out for Kendal Briles and the coaches.

White, 6-3, 200, talked about how it was working with Briles.

“I think today went really well,” White said. “There were a few balls I was mad about, but overall I think I did really well. Briles says I have a heck of a cannon. There’s some passes where I take a little bit off of it and he’s really pleased with that. He likes to see me drill it in there and also give a little touch sometimes, and I think I did pretty well with that today. He was really just complimenting me. I’m excited to see where I go.”

Did you pick up any tips or what were some of the things you learned from Briles today?

“Definitely, I got a little bit better and more in rhythm with my footwork and meeting up with all different types of receivers and also I got to just see the field better,” White said. “They helped me see where my reads are supposed to go and the coverage and what the responsibilities are for the defense.”

What was it like working out in a place you are so familiar with considering your family history and Arkansas?

“It’s pretty sweet,” White said. “I’ve been here quite a few times, so it’s kind of starting to feel normal to me. But I also still try to make it as competitive as possible and try to make myself in the zone. I like to get my mindset right and know that I don’t have a scholarship here yet. I’m trying to get those big-time offers and just keep working and show them what I got.”

He feels he’s developing a relationship with Briles and today’s work helped.

“I think it’s pretty cool,” White said. “He loves my brother, John David, and I think that’s helped out a lot. I just want him and the other coaches to know that my work ethic, it’s going to beat out others and it’s going to be over anyone else. I know I have that mindset and I feel like me and Briles are growing closer every time we see each other.”

Did the early offers from Tulsa and UCA help your confidence going forward?

“100 percent.” White said. “It’s making me realize what the hard work and extra hours while everyone else is going, what it does for me and how much it really does pay off. I’ll be the last guy in the indoor, just throwing in the net by myself, just working on my game. I’m going to continue to do that and even more.”

What would an offer from Arkansas mean to you?

“Obviously, it would be really meaningful because my whole family came here and is still here,” White said. “It would just be very emotional knowing that I have completed something that I’ve wanted for so long and that I know would make my family proud, as well.”

White worked out at the camp despite a groin injury suffered previously. He said it didn’t bother him.

“It does not effect my passing. It’s just my running,” White said. “I can’t really go full speed yet. I’m working with Rod Tillman right now, trying to get it better, but it does not effect my passing. I feel like I’m still able to be really accurate and throw really hard without it hurting.”

White, like most top athletes, has goals set for his sophomore season and he has some lofty ones.

“To be the biggest quarterback, if not in Arkansas, in the country,” White said. “To be the best known upcoming sophomore and to just show out with what I really have.”