FAYETTEVILLE — Greenwood Class of 2026 quarterback Kane Archer was at Arkansas on an unofficial visit this weekend and was offered a football scholarship by the Razorbacks on Monday.

Archer, 6-0, 180, at age 13, is possibly the youngest player to ever get a scholarship offer from the Arkansas Football program.

Archer starts for the Greenwood ninth- and eighth-grade football teams. He plays for the eighth grade on Tuesday night and then the ninth graders on Thursdays. After leading Greenwood past Shiloh Christian ninth-grade team recently Archer talked about what an Arkansas offer would mean to him.

“It would mean a lot,” Archer said. “I’ve watched the Hogs since i was little on TV every Saturday. Greenwood players play there. The Morgan’s & Hanna’s. It would be an honor.”

Archer mentioned such players as Drew Morgan, Grant Morgan, Tyler Wilson, Jordan Hanna and Morgan Hanna. The Hanna brothers were at the Shiloh Christian game along with good friend and teammate Taurean Carter. They have a younger brother, Gage, on the Greenwood team.

Archer camped at both Arkansas and Oklahoma this past summer. Arkansas joins Missouri and Michigan in offering Archer.