FAYETTEVILLE — Greenwood Class of 2026 offensive lineman Cody Taylor camped at Arkansas on Saturday and was very excited about being in Fayetteville again.

One thing Taylor, 6-3, 278, likes so much about the Razorbacks is Cody Kennedy, the offensive line coach. Prior to the camp position drills starting Taylor talked about what he hoped to get out of the camp.

“I hope I get some good reps in and be able to learn some from Coach Kennedy,” Taylor said. “I hope I’m able to do some reps with Bear (McWhorter) Class of 2026. He is left tackle and I’m left guard.”

What are your thoughts on Cody Kennedy?

“I love him,” Taylor said. “He’s a great coach and I already know he’s got his eyes on me. I saw him like a post on my Twitter and that got me very excited. I was like ‘what Cody Kennedy just liked my Twitter post?’ I was all excited. I’m happy what my future holds with Cody Kennedy because I would love to have him as my offensive line coach.”

Taylor is entering the ninth grade this fall at Greenwood after moving in from Kansas City. He is trying to work on certain aspects of his game this summer.

“This summer I’m probably going to work the most on being more aggressive and my kick step,” Taylor said. “This year was the first year I actually did kick step. I want to get it down as much as I can. I’m sure if I keep going to these camps and keep doing varsity stuff I’ll be able to get that down like nothing.”

Taylor also talked about run blocking and pass blocking and which one he is more comfortable doing right now.

“I feel more comfortable pass blocking,” Taylor said. “I like to hit people. Pass blocking I just like that better than run blocking.”

Taylor and the Bulldogs will participate in a preseason scrimmage on August 16 at Fayetteville High School.

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