FAYETTEVILLE — Pine Bluff Class of 2024 defensive lineman Charlie Collins has picked up two SEC offers in the past week including one from the University of Arkansas.

Collins, 6-4, 265, was offered by the Razorbacks this past Saturday while attending the scrimmage. On Thursday Ole Miss offered him which was followed by Grambling on Friday and Arkansas State was previously the first one to jump into the mix for him.

“That offer really was, to me, amazing,” Collins said. “I felt great after getting offered. Not only was it great getting offered, but it was better because I was offered by the head coach Sam Pittman. He came in the room and sat down with me, my mom and her boyfriend. It wasn’t like he offered and then walked out. We sat down and had a few jokes. He made it feel like family. That is one thing I love about him.”

Collins, like many prospects in the state, talked about growing up following the Razorbacks.

“Yes sir, I did,” Collins said. “The barber shop I grew up in down here when you come in and see it Razorbacks and (Dallas) Cowboys all over it. Growing up when I went to get my haircut Razorbacks always been around.”

As a sophomore, Collins had 57 tackles, 12 for loss, six sacks and one fumble recovery. He already has the four offers and talked about his strengths on the field.

“One thing I do well I feel like for my size, height and weight I move well,” Collins said. “I’m quick off the ball. I am not gonna say I’m the strongest, but I’ve got a little finesse to my game. When you hear 6-foot-4, 265-pounds you are gonna think stiff as a board. I’ve got a little finesse to my game. I can move and I’m versatile. I can move all over the D-line. I can move all across the board.”

He played both ways for the Zebras in 2021, but plans to concentrate on defensive line in college. He also plays tight end for Pine Bluff. Defense allows him to be more aggressive which is something he likes.

“I mean, offense has its perks,” Collins said. “I wasn’t just blocking I got the ball some there too. Our offensive coordinator put the ball in my hands and let me make a few plays. For the most part it felt good to be out there protecting the quarterback’s back side.”

Collins said he hasn’t thought about a timeline for his decision, but did mention some things he’s looking for in a college.

“One thing is coaching,” Collins said. “Growing up in the south in Arkansas I don’t want to go to a school that doesn’t suit me. I would feel like an outsider. I want to go to a school with some culture where the fans, but only the fans but the city, show love to the players. That’s always a plus to have the city behind you. Always support you out on the field.”

It seems like Arkansas fits what you are looking for doesn’t it?

“Man, I love Coach Sam Pittman,” Collins said. “I absolutely love him. One thing I can say about him from all other head coaches that I have met he was active throughout my entire recruitment and visit. He was always there. He always had a few jokes to crack. I love his personality. Me and Coach Pittman became real close friends lately.”

Collins also is a fan of Deke Adams and Keith Jones, who is an assistant D-line coach.

“Coach Adams you’ve got to love that guy too,” Collins said. “It was Coach Jones, they call him Big Glitch, who reached out to me the most. I built a real strong relationship with Coach Glitch. We talked about how the visit. It’s like a family vibe up there. We all know it’s business, once you get to the next level, it transfers from being a game to a business. They keep the family and fun times around on that campus. You’ve got to love it.”

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