FAYETTEVILLE — Talented Gardendale (Ala.) cornerback Dallas Young enjoyed a very good visit to Arkansas over the weekend.

Young, 6-1, 180, was one of nine official visitors to Arkansas. He committed to Arkansas on Dec. 29 over a long list of other schools. Following the weekend official visit, Young talked about how it went.

“The visit was smooth, I really enjoyed it,” Young said. “This was probably my most fun time being down here, with my game visit. We have a really good class coming in, and I just want y’all fans to just believe in being good, and don’t just have one winning season, I want it to be constant winning and dominance. That’s my biggest thing and hopefully, we get these two linemen that came down. They’re pretty big and I would love them on my team. But other than that, solid visit for everybody.”

Young is being recruited to Arkansas by Dominique Bowman. He has developed a good relationship with Bowman.

“I love him,” Young said. “He’s a really technical guy. He’s gonna break down everything with footwork, how you move, backpedal, everything, so it’s really the mechanics with him.”

Young said the official visit helped assure him he made the correct decision on Dec. 19 on his future school.

“Most definitely, yeah,” Young said. “It just reassured me that there’s better for me out there.”

Young has been to Arkansas for prospect day visits, but this trip allowed him more access to the current players on the team.

“Yes sir, we get to hang around them way more, and just be around them,” Young said. “It was a very fun experience.”

It was a fun experience Sam Pittman and the staff had for the players on Friday night that proved to be the highlight for Young.

“Probably the media day Friday night,” Young said. “They had a role for us, we ran out and kind of got to dance and stuff, it was pretty fun.”

When Young committed to Arkansas his recruiter and future coach then was Sam Carter. On Sunday he talked about the transition from Carter to Bowman also with Sam Pittman’s role in the recruiting.

“It was pretty tough,” Young said. “Coach Carter, I talked to him and he talked to my mom almost every day so when Coach Bowman came it was just trusting Pitt. That was my biggest thing because really, I committed for Carter, but I also committed for Coach Pittman. He’s a down-to-Earth guy, just true to you, so I made sure that if I’m committed, then I’m committed to the University.”

Anthony Brown was his player recruit host. Some of the recruits have said Young is one of the vocal leaders of the Class of 2023. He talked about that as well and also talked about his dream school growing up.

“My dream school was Florida State, so I thought I was going to Florida State all through 10th-grade summer,” Young said. “I went up one time with my barber, he’s an Arkansas fan, and I’d never even thought about going to Arkansas. I went up there and it just changed everything, my whole thought about Arkansas. So when I see it changed me, I was talking to a lot of people at Alabama or just guys I know around south that really don’t think about Arkansas, (telling them) to just think about them and go up and visit, that’s all I can do. If you like the visit, i know I’ve got you.”

Young is the only defensive back committed to Arkansas in the Class of 2023 at this time, but they would have had a hard time finding a better building block for what will likely be a talented secondary group of recruits.