DeWitt’s Will Moss Turns in Good Performance at the Arkansas Camp on Thursday Morning

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Photo by Otis Kirk.

By Otis Kirk

FAYETTEVILLE — DeWitt Class of 2023 offensive lineman Will Moss was among the top campers at Arkansas on Thursday morning in the lineman camp.

Moss, 6-4, 300, has offers to Kansas and Middle Tennessee State. He plans on returning and working at Friday’s camp as well. As far as the one Thursday he talked about how he did.

“I think it went good,” Moss said. “I have a lot of things to work on and it really helped exploit that. I think I did good on the one-on-ones. Overall it was a good camp.”

You got to work the entire time with Cody Kennedy, Arkansas’ offensive line coach. What did you learn from him?

“I learned to keep my hands hot,” Moss said. “Keep them inside, keep them heavy and to just keep moving my feet. Don’t stop and be violent and punish the dude.”

Coach Kennedy is new to Arkansas. What are your thoughts on him?

“I think he is a great offensive line coach,” Moss said. “I think he’s going to do good for Arkansas and for the future.”

What would an offer to Arkansas mean to you?

“It would mean a lot especially for instate and SEC,” Moss said. “Best football in the country. My brother (Logan) and Dax (Courtney) up here. I would love to play with my friend and my brother.”

About a year ago at this time I talked to you at the Monster Camp in Maumelle. We didn’t know if there would even be football in the fall due to COVID. How good is it this year to know you will get to play this fall?

“It feels great and there’s not a scare of not being able to play,” Moss said. “There’s not a thought in the back of your head you aren’t going to be able to play a game. It’s just great to be back and going full-throttle and be around people.”

What do you consider your strengths at this time?

“I think my strengths is my aggressiveness,” Moss said. “I’m pretty quick off the ball. Just the main is my aggressiveness.”

And is there an area or two maybe you need to work on the most?

“My hands, like I said, just keeping them hot and keeping them heavy,” Moss said. “Trying to hurt the person in front of me with them.”

What kind of competition was here today at the camp?

“There was pretty good competition from all over the state and some people from out of state,” Moss said. “It was just pretty good competition.”

Moss and the linemen worked on the practice fields. He was impressed with the facilities.

“Man, these facilities are the best in the country,” Moss said. “It’s hard to see facilities like this anywhere else.”

What do you think about Sam Pittman, a former offensive line coach, being the head coach here?

“I think it helps,” Moss said. “The SEC is won in the trenches and having a head coach that was one of the best O-line coaches ever just helps to succeed in the SEC and just be a powerhouse.”

Since June 1, Moss has taken full advantage of being able to attend camps.

“I’ve been to Ole Miss, Oklahoma State, Mississippi State, ULM, Oklahoma and Arkansas,” Moss said.

Plans for any more camps?

“We don’t know for sure right now, but we’ll definitely try to make more camps,” Moss said.

What kind of team you go coming back at DeWitt this fall?

“There’s a new mentality and everybody has bought in,” Moss said. “It’s looking good. Everybody is getting aggressive.

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