FAYETTEVILLE — Fayetteville four-star wide receiver Isaiah Sategna took his official visit to Arkansas this weekend and came away impressed.

Sategna, 5-11, 170, talked about driving across town for his official visit.

“It was weird going onto a visit that you’re pretty familiar with, but I mean it was a visit and I loved it and this is why I picked Arkansas,” Sategna said.

Kenny Guiton will be his position’s coach at Arkansas and that is something pleasing to Sategna.

“Coach Guiton, he was one of my favorite coaches this whole time and I felt it was right that I needed to be with a coach that has the skill set he has,” Sategna said.

Sategna helped Fayetteville to a 10-3 record and state runner-up finish in Class 7A. He caught 100 passes for a nation-leading 1,908 yards and 17 touchdowns. He also rushed four times for 147 yards and three touchdowns. He had six kickoff returns for 109 yards, but it was the receiving yardage that caught everyone’s attention.

“It was a blessing from God and I just have a lot of people around me helping me,” Sategna said. “My quarterback, I couldn’t have done it without him, I have the best O-Linemen in the state so it was a working process and stuff. Coach (Jay) Wilkinson, our offensive coordinator, he dialed up the right plays and I just had to catch the ball and run.”

Linebacker Mani Powell committed to Arkansas on July 2 when he was still in Ohio. He moved to Fayetteville prior to the season starting. Did Powell play any role in you switching to Arkansas?

“I mean it didn’t, but it was – I always wanted to go to Arkansas but having Mani saying every day ‘come on bro, we need you,” Sategna said. “We need you, come on.’ I mean it had a little bit to do with it.”

Arkansas loses Treylon Burks and some other wide receivers off this year’s squad. Do you feel like you can have a big impact at Arkansas?

“All you need is one good year in the SEC to get drafted, and I hope to put more than one good year together,” Sategna said. “I feel like if I progress the way that I need to and just keep on lifting and getting bigger and stuff then I’ll have a good shot to start.”

Sategna switched from Oregon to Arkansas on Nov. 3. Now the Oregon coach has left for Miami.

“It’s kind of crazy because I decommitted from Oregon and then coach Cristobal left, and they had a bunch of people leave,” Sategna said. “I think they just hired a new coach, but it’s crazy how all these coaches are leaving and stuff when these kids are about to sign and go early. Now, they’re kind of – they don’t really know what to do. I’m fortunate to be in a good position and be here with the Hogs.”

Does that make you appreciate Coach Pittman even more with the stability he has brought to Arkansas?

“Yeah, because I know he’s not going anywhere,” Sategna said. “He loves this job and he’s building something special here.”

Sategna, like many, is impressed with how quickly Pittman has turned around the Arkansas program. It has gained plenty of national exposure for the program as well.

“Coach Pittman turned the program around, and he hasn’t even been here that long so it’s pretty special,” Sategna said. “Like you see these big programs, they’re not doing very good, and they hire these big-time coaches and still aren’t doing very good but that’s not the case with Arkansas, and it’s only been two years.”

Sategna will sign with the Hogs on Wednesday. He chose the Hogs over 29 other offers.

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