FAYETTEVILLE — One of Arkansas’ top targets in the Class of 2024 is Pearland (Texas) Shadow Creek safety Maurice Williams.

Williams, 6-2, 190, was one of the top prospects at Arkansas’ Camp on Wednesday. Sam Carter offered Williams a scholarship on May 10.

“It was amazing,” Williams said. “I learned a lot. Coach Sam, he actually broke it down and taught everybody a lot. I feel like everybody got something from this camp and got way better, 10 times better.”

In addition to Arkansas, Williams has offers from Ole Miss, Baylor, UTSA and Houston. It’s still early in the recruiting process for you, but where does Arkansas stand?

“Arkansas is most definitely at the top of the list right now,” Williams said. “It’s amazing, to be honest. I’m loving it. It’s truly amazing. Everybody is so nice. It’s amazing.”

What will be the biggest factors in you choosing a school?

“I’m trying to see where I fit in best, which school fits my play style the most,” Williams said.

What are your thoughts on Coach Carter?

“Coach Carter… I love Coach Carter, man,” Williams said. “He’s like a big brother to me, to be honest. He makes you feel like you’re at home, makes you feel comfortable. He makes you feel that you can be yourself and open up. I love Coach Carter.”

Arkansas’ Malik Hornsby was hanging out with you today. What did he tell you about Arkansas?

“He’s saying it’s work, to be honest,” Williams said. “To come here, it’s work, but it’s fun. Everybody is cool. All the people, all the kids, students, teachers, coaches, strength coaches, everybody he says treats you amazing. It’s great.”

You said it was a very good camp. What did you learn and take away from it?

“He was helping me learn how to get out of my breaks better and drop my hips and really open up and use my body, my upper body,” Williams said. “Coach was telling me I have to use my upper body more. Even Malik helped me. He said to keep my feet under me.”

Arkansas isn’t the first camp for Williams. He has made a few other stops since June 1.

“I’ve been to Ole Miss, Alabama,” Williams said. “I went to TCU and then Arkansas today. I have Baylor tomorrow and U of A (Arizona) Friday. And then UT (Texas) next week and A&M next week.”

What are your strengths as a player?

“I feel like my weaknesses are my hips and my feet right now.” Williams said. “I have to get better on that. I feel like my strengths are my speed and my strength, so I use that to my advantage to the best of my ability.”

Williams played at Houston Episcopal as a freshman. What kind of team does Shadow Creek have coming back this season?

“We have D Lew (DeJuan Lewis) coming back, starting safety over there,” Williams said. “Our team is kind of young this year, so there’s going to be a lot of young players – freshmen and 10th graders – on the team this year. It’s a real young team, so I feel in the next two or three years, we’re going to be pretty nice.”

What are your goals this season?

“I’m trying to lead my team in tackles,” Williams said. “My goal for this season is at least 5 or 6 picks, minimum.”