Tera Talmadge: Welcome back to the Pigtrail. It is time for our Recruiting Report. Richard Davenport from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and WholeHogSports.com joining us now. Let’s start off talking about Gerry Bohanon, a quarterback out of Earle, Arkansas. He has Arkansas as his top six that he just released.”

Richard Davenport: “That he did. He did that yesterday. I think he is obviously he is going to take a harder look at the schools that made up his list. You also have Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Baylor a few others in there. Arkansas has an opportunity to get him back on campus and work a little bit more on him and try to get him on board.”

Tera: “And offensive tackle Owen Condon. 6-7, 315 pounds from Oklahoma City. Plans to make his third visit to Arkansas before making his decision later this summer.”

Richard: “He visited Arkansas for the Florida game last year. Then recently he and his mom visited. So like you said he will be making his third visit to Arkansas and then make a decision shortly after that sometime this summer. He also plans to visit Georgia another time before making that decision. Definitely way up on Arkansas’ board as far as wanted list. Very very talented offensive lineman.”

Tera: “Andrew Johnson and outside linebacker, 6-2, 222 from Tifton, Georgia. More than 20 offers. Is a trip to Arkansas pretty likely?”

Richard: “That is what he says. You know he is definitely one of the better outside linebacker prospects I have seen this year. He is just unbelievable relentless in his effort to try to get to the ball carrier. He actually played defensive line this last season. He caught a guy 76 yards down field. I mean that’s just unbelievable effort. That just shows you what kind of heart he has. John Scott Jr. defensive line coach is recruiting him and working on him trying to get him to actually make a trip to Fayetteville. He says he definitely will. So we will see.”

Tera: “We will wrap up the football recruiting part with Thurman Geathers. He is 6-3, 227 pounds. Defensive end and linebacker out of Kennesaw, Georgia. Hogs first SEC school to offer him. More than thirty offers though.”

Richard: “No doubt. No doubt. He’s a guy another John Scott Jr. recruit that he has been working on. He says he is definitely visiting Arkansas sometime this summer. He is another guy that could definitely fill that outside linebacker role that Arkansas and the new 3-4 defensive. Definitely likes the chances or the chance to play in the SEC. Obviously being in Georgia that is SEC Country and that really appeals to him. Big plus for Arkansas.”

Tera: “Well let’s talk about women’s hoops for a second.  Chelsea Dungee transferring from OU. Started 18 of 33 games in her All-Big 12 Freshman season.”

Richard: “Yeah I tell you what. You’ve got to give coach Mike Neighbors a lot of credit. Occasionally you will have  highly regarded transfer come into your program. Chelsea is obviously the latest. He got another one a week or so earlier. So two of the better 2016 prospects in the nation when they were in high school. She was a top 100 prospect. So that is pretty rare to get two transfers of that quality coming in at the same time.”

Tera: “Richard Davenport from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and WholeHogSports.com thank you so much for your time. Part two of our sit-down with former Hog Andrew Benintendi coming up next on the Pigtrail.”