Ricky Stromberg Completes Official Visit to Arkansas

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Photo by Otis Kirk.

By Otis Kirk

Tulsa (Okla.) Union offensive lineman Ricky Stromberg was one of the official visitors to Arkansas this weekend. 

He signed with the Hogs on Dec. 19. Following the visit, Stromberg reflected back on it.

“It was good.” Stromberg said. “I’m super excited to get up here. I’ve just got to finish out high school now until I get up here, but it feels like home already. I love it.”

What was your favorite part of the visit?

“Trying on uniforms, taking pictures at night in the stadium with the lights on.”

The Arkansas recruits and their families were greeted with snow while on their visit. Were you excited about the snow?

“Not a big fan of snow, but I can deal with it from Tulsa,” Stromberg said. “It happens.”

Who was your player host?

“Silas Robinson,” Stromberg said. “He likes it a lot and the O-line bonds really well, Coach (Dustin) Fry and those guys. He just said he likes it a lot and I’ll like it a lot.”

Stromberg has been to Arkansas a few times on unofficial visits. Did you learn anything new on this visit?

“No, not on this visit.” Stromberg said. “I kind of knew everything a little bit, so when I get here I’ll learn a little more.”

Stromberg was committed to Tulsa when the Razorbacks came in with a late offer. Has it hit you that you will be playing for the Hogs in the SEC?

“It kind of has, but it won’t really set in until I get here and I’m actually an Arkansas Razorback,” Stromberg said.

While on his visit, Stromberg met the other recruits who were in Fayetteville. How was that?

“It was cool,” Stromberg said. “Meeting the guys that were here, my future teammates, knowing I’m going to be good friends with them and like them a lot, it works out pretty well.”

What has Coach Fry said about playing early?

“I haven’t really talked about that much,” Stromberg said. “First of all, I’ve just got to work on gaining some strength, getting bigger, stronger, faster, a little bit of everything because I’m coming to the SEC.”

Where did you get your athleticism?

“I would have to say my dad,” Stromberg said. “My dad was pretty athletic, so probably my dad’s side.”

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