FAYETTEVILLE — The early signing period begins Dec. 15 and the Hogs also have a New Year’s Bowl to prepare for against Penn State.

Sam Pittman and his assistants are doing in-home visits with recruits. Pittman feels the 8-4 record has created a good reception among the recruits.

“I think it’s went really well,” Pittman said. “I think we have good recruiters on our staff, and the reception has been … the Hog is strong out there across the country. I’ve been on the road myself in several different states and in different high schools. The reception has been unbelievable. Very pleased with where we’re at. Winning has helped us, and we’ll certainly use this bowl invite to our advantage as well.”

Pittman isn’t concerned with balancing recruiting with the bowl preparation even on the 15th which is signing day and a practice scheduled.

“It’s fairly easy right now because this will be our last week that we can go out before the dead period begins,” Pittman said. “So we’re full-fledged ahead recruiting. Friday we will practice, but that’s just going to be a, I would like to call it early fall camp type practice. Saturday we will as well. We’ll incorporate that in timewise with our official visits that we have this Friday and Saturday. Then after that the phone calls and texts and all those things with recruiting will certainly continue.

“Wednesday would be your only really trouble. We’re going to practice on signing day. That would be a little bit of…I thought….we did it at Georgia as well. I thought that might be a little problem. But to be honest with you by 7:30 in the morning on national signing day you have if not all your scholarship guys, the guys that’s going to sign with you, you have at least 90% of them in and you can kind of go about your day. Whether they are going to wait to announce it on TV at 1 or whatever the case is you usually already have that piece of paper in and don’t have the stress of waiting until 1 o’clock would be. Not really a whole lot. We’re full fledged this week and then practice Friday and Saturday in a non-Penn State practice.”

Pittman still isn’t sure how many prospects will end up the Class of 2022.

“It’s going to be fluid and I know that’s not the answer that you are probably asking for a little bit more specific and I appreciate that,” Pittman said. “A lot of it is going to be on how many kids decide to enter the portal. You can sign up to seven. A lot of it depends on that and certainly I’m not a fool to think we won’t have kids to enter the portal. Certainly will be because of playing time, maybe not being able to get on the field. Maybe feeling they will not be able to get on the field .As I said before if that’s the reason I am all for it. They should go somewhere they can play. But that’s going to be kind of fluid because we have to wait and see. Certainly there won’t be a lot of talks about that until we get back. I’m going to have a team meeting tomorrow and I wouldn’t expect that to come up then. Somewhere after signing day is when we will sit down with some of the kids and see what they want to do.”

Arkansas currently has 21 public commitments. They are also on Kennesaw (Ga.) North Cobb wide receiver Sam Mbake, 6-3, 205, and Lafayette (La.) Acadiana cornerback Laterrance Welch, 6-1, 180. Both are talented four-star recruits who will announce their decision on Dec. 15.