Sam Pittman, Hogs Still Actively Recruiting For Class of 2022

Hog Recruiting

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FAYETTEVILLE — Sam Pittman praised the 22 players he signed on Wednesday and acknowledged Arkansas isn’t finished recruiting yet.

Pittman held a media conference today to talk about the recruiting class

“You know national signing day has really changed over the last few years,” Pittman said. “By about 7:30 or 7:15 it was over. We didn’t have any surprises so far. We are still waiting on one or two, but we sign 19 high school kids, two transfers and a ProKick Australia guy.

“I’m very, very excited about the class,” Pittman said. “We think we addressed most of our needs. We still have some scholarships available so we will work through the portal and get that handled. I am excited about transfer signees we had today in Haselwood and certainly Landon Jackson.”

“We have signed 10 from the state of Arkansas and that was as good as when I was here before for three years of the recruiting cycle here. I thought it was the best class of athletes of the state of Arkansas. We went up to Tennessee for a few, Texas for a couple. Georgia has been a strong ground for us, signing four out of the state of Georgia. We pieced together a few from Australia, South Carolina and Wisconsin.

“The thing I like about this class is that we had needs at O-linemen, we had needs at wide receiver. The defensive line, I don’t think we are done quite yet at D-line, linebacker and things off that nature. I thought Coach Scherer did a good job of signing the linebackers that he did. So very excited about the class and that they are very excited about being at the University of Arkansas.”

Pittman explained Arkansas can take 28 recruits in this class assuming seven goes into the portal at Arkansas. Three hit the portal on Wednesday morning. Pittman feels almost certain the Hogs will have six more available scholarships even though the roster looks full now.

“It’s difficult, but for me to sit here and think that we’re not going to have several guys go in the portal between now and the bowl and then after the bowl, I mean, I’m not really concerned about it,” Pittman said. “No I lied to you a little bit there, I’m concerned about it.

“But I’ll bet you before we get over with we’ll be under 85, you know what I mean. It’s just, it’s free agency out there. It’s wild right now. I mean it’s a “if I’m not starting I’m transferring” world. I get it. I get it. It’s the ones who are starting for you that hurt you, that really hurt you. You don’t want to lose depth at all. I worry all the time. I do. We have the board, do we have the numbers we need and all those things. But I’m about positive it’ll work itself out. I really think that.”

Some have been confused on if you get the extra scholarships when players enter the portal, do you have take only portal players or can you also get high school recruits?

“No you can take high school as well,” Pittman said. “It just gives you an extra scholarship. What they’re trying to do is not deplete your roster down to 60 people if you have guys transfer. Guys transfer for different reasons. They transfer they’re not starting, they transfer because they will never play, they will transfer because I’m not getting the ball enough. Whatever their reasons being. I don’t really think it’s a picture of the way the program is ran. I just think it’s a time right now to where if I’m not doing something right now, I’m… The system has allowed to “I’m going to go somewhere else.” Whether somewhere else is better or not, they’re already gone, so it really doesn’t matter at that point. They’ve already left your program.”

One recruit Arkansas was waiting on Lafayette (La.) Acadiana four-star cornerback remained committed to LSU. He visited Arkansas Dec. 3-5.

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