FAYETTEVILLE — Arkansas practiced in Reynolds Razorback Stadium again on Tuesday as Saturday’s open scrimmage grows nearer.

Following practice, Sam Pittman met with the media and discussed the format for Saturday’s scrimmage that will allow fans to see the team for the first time this spring.

“What we’ll do is we’re going to go scrimmage format,” Pittman said. “Except it won’t be instantaneous on special teams. I’m going to go one-two, two-one. They’ll thud. The veterans will thud. The threes and some of the twos. You know how we did the combination periods, one-two? Well, y’all weren’t at the scrimmage, but we’ve done it before. One-two, where we might take KJ (Jefferson) out and put Malik (Hornsby) in. We’re going to do a little bit of that in a scrimmage format with the two-threes. In other words, if we have maybe possibly AJ Green or somebody we need to tackle, see him live a little bit more. So, we’ll thud up the veterans. The young guys will scrimmage.

“Then after the three racks of one-two, two-one, three-three, we will do kickoff. And then, we’ll come back and do one versus one, two versus two, in a thud situation. Three versus three with some of those twos in there in a scrimmage situation. Then we’ll come back and do punt. And then we’re going to do some red area stuff, both high and low. We’ll have the two-minute get the ball back two-minute situation at the end. You know, obviously. I just think that we have a veteran team, we’ve thudded better this year than we have the previous years we’ve been here, and we did tackle to the ground in last scrimmage. So, I think that’s how we’re going to run it,”

During Tuesday’s practice, LSU transfer defensive end Landon Jackson practiced some for the first time this spring. Pittman was pleased to see that.

“I went down there because I wanted to see him you know move around,” Pittman said. “I’ve seen him run a straight line, but I wanted to see him move around. I thought it looked pretty good you know especially for his first real movement since his injury. And I thought he looked good. He’s long, big, a great kid. Works hard. So I was happy that he was able to get back out there. It’s still, he’s still a ways away, but to let him go do some change of direction position. I’m sure that he feels good about it.”

Jackson wasn’t the only injured Razorback back on Tuesday. Linebacker Chris “Pooh” Paul returned in a green jersey. Paul suffered a concussion in the first scrimmage and practiced for the first time since that.

“Yeah, I like him,” Pittman said. “I think he’s one of our top three linebackers. Obviously he was running with the ones before he was got the concussion. But I like his physicality. He’s very bright, very smart. Can run. So I think he’s gonna really help us a lot, and it was good to get him back out there. Obviously the first day that the kids come back from concussion protocol is non-contact, so that was his practice today in green, and then he’ll be back on Thursday.”

A young linebacker who has made a strong impression each practice is Jordan Crook. A true freshman from Duncanville (Texas) High School who enrolled at midterm.

“He’s thick, and he can run,” Pittman said. “He plays really hard. Again, another smart guy. But he plays extremely hard and wants to be coached. He’s exactly what you want in a young guy, which you can kind of mold how you want because, A) he wants to be good and he has the athletic ability to be good. He’s one of the harder working young guys I’ve ever seen, so he’s going to be a good player.”

Practice Quick Hits:

  • Quarterback Cade Fortin found running back James Jointer for a beautiful 22-yard touchdown throw and catch.
  • Safety Jalen Catalon and wide receiver Jadon Haselwood were also in green protective jerseys. Catalon has been all spring and will continue that way rest of the practices.
  • KJ Jefferson threw a deep pass that hit a wide receiver in the hands, but then was dropped.
  • LSU cornerback transfer Dwight McGlothern was limited on Tuesday following a minor injury on Saturday.