FAYETTEVILLE — Gosnell Class of 2024 athlete Camron Williams is one who could see his recruiting explode in upcoming months.

Williams, 6-1, 185, has been called “the best player I’ve ever coached” by Gosnell coach Lewis Earnest. As a junior, Williams did a little of everything for the Pirates. He completed 3 of 7 passes for 39 yards and one touchdown. He rushed 13 times for 130 yards. He also caught 55 passes for 1,041 yards and eight touchdowns. On defense, Williams had 66 tackles, 42 solo, five for loss, eight interceptions, 10 pass breakups and two forced fumbles. On Friday, Williams talked about how he feels his junior season went.

“I feel like my junior year went great,” Williams said. “I put in enough work to get to where I got. My teammates, my coaches and everybody on the coaching staff helped me through. We just had a good year.”

Williams is asked to do a lot for his high school team. When he gets to college he will be able to concentrate on one side of the ball whether that is wide receiver or cornerback. He draws some comparisons to former Clarendon and current Arkansas standout Quincey McAdoo.

“I feel like I can dominate if I did that,” Williams said of playing one position. “I would dominate real easily if I did that.”

Williams talked about what he feels are his current strengths on the field.

“I’ve got good on-ball skills,” Williams said. “When the ball is in the air I feel like it’s mine no matter which side of the ball I’m on, offense or defense, it’s mine.”

As far as looking ahead to when he gets to college, Williams was asked if he has a preference on which side of the ball he plays?

“No sir, it really don’t (matter),” Williams said. “I’m a dawg. I will play whichever side.”

While it doesn’t make Williams any difference where he plays in college, he was asked to predict where he thinks schools might want him the most.

“I think I’m better at receiver,” Williams said. “DB comes easy.”

Once the dead period ends after Feb. 28, Williams talked about his plans to see some schools in the spring and summer.

“I’ve got a few schools,” Williams said. “Austin Peay, Missouri State, maybe UCA and A-State schools like that.”

As far as the Razorbacks, Williams talked about what an offer there would mean to him.

“It would mean a lot,” Williams said. “It would mean a lot to have an offer to play for my home town, home state, stay home. That would mean a lot to me.”

If Williams were to get the chance at Arkansas, it would allow him to play in the SEC. That’s something very appealing to him.

“That would be very exciting,” Williams said. “I know I can compete and be better than a lot of those guys.”

Williams currently has offers to Colorado State, Southern Illinois and Missouri State.

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