FAYETTEVILLE — Hillsdale College wide receiver Isaac TeSlaa is seeing his recruiting blow up the second time around.

He came out of a high school football team that had 22 players and he was the quarterback. TeSlaa, 6-4, 210, ended up at Hillsdale College in Michigan, but once he hit the portal his recruiting exploded. Among his five visits was arriving at Arkansas on Thursday and then leaving on Friday to see Colorado.

“It was great,” TeSlaa said. “This was the first school that I got to visit that was in the SEC. Just seeing all the bells and whistles they have here was awesome, but also getting a feel for their culture. Their coaching staff is incredible obviously. They get you hyped up but they also know how to talk about the program and the things that are important.” 

TeSlaa went into on the bells and whistles at Arkansas he was referring to.

“It’s pretty sweet, I’m not going to lie to you,” TeSlaa said. “I’ve been to Iowa, Iowa State. I was just at Purdue. The SEC is just a different beast so it’s cool to see what they have here.”

TeSlaa talked about the highlight of the trip before boarding his plane with his parents to see Colorado.

“I just love talking football so whenever we get to sit down and talk about specifics that’s what I really enjoy,” TeSlaa said.

If TeSlaa were to sign with Arkansas, he would be coached by Kenny Guiton.

“Real good guy,” TeSlaa said. “I think he’s been here for about two years, but you can tell he knows a lot and he gets his receivers right.” 

As far as the lucky school he chooses, TeSlaa talked about what will be the foundation for his decision.

“It’s going to come down to what’s best for me culturally and obviously coming somewhere I can have a big role on the offense,” TeSlaa said.

TeSlaa said Arkansas pointed out to him their four top receivers (counting TE Trey Knox) are gone from last year. Two transfers, Jadon Haselwood and Matt Landers, topped the receiving charts so Arkansas he said made a good case for he’s needed.

“They showed me that so the opportunity is there for me,” TeSlaa said. “That’s definitely a good point.” 

As far as picking between the Hogs, Colorado, Iowa, Iowa State and Purdue, TeSlaa provided a timeline to announce his decision.

“Probably around the 9th or 10th is when I’ll decide,” TeSlaa said.

In 2022, TeSlaa caught 68 passes for 1,325 yards and 13 touchdowns. In his two-year career, TeSlaa caught 118 passes for 2,116 yards and 20 touchdowns. TeSlaa owns a 41-inch vertical jump.

Arkansas currently has added six recruits from the transfer portal.

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