“I get tears in my eyes and I’m thinking oh man he is living the dream. I do. I look at Wally and I’m teared up because its so exciting. For a mom to think man and running out in front of all of these people. He’s done it, said Dena Street.”

Josh street is living his dream of playing for the Arkansas Razorbacks, but first let’s rewind back to where the dream started, in third grade.

“I look back on it. Every Halloween he wanted to be a football player. You know, he always had a football in his hand and just playing catch with everybody or whatever. And so it’s kind of been just one of those things where it’s been athletics has been instilled in him, said Street.

Growing up, Josh wasn’t committed to offense or defense. He enjoyed playing both sides of the ball.

“He played quarterback his seventh grade year and then he’s played on the defensive line. He’s played on the offensive line. He he was a center for a while in junior high and then mostly in his senior high senior years. He played right tackle. He played a little bit off guard. But then once we got up here to Bentonville, where there was enough kids to play all the time, he was able to focus just specifically on one position on the offense, said Wally Street.

The streets moved twice for the betterment of their child and even sold a pretty important piece of land so that Josh could play for his family.

We sold a little farm that we had and moved to Danville. Her brother lived over there on the golf course, and we bought a house over there and moved over there. And he played from seventh grade through 11th grade. Her brother decided to take a job up here in Bentonville and Josh said he wanted to play for his uncle DJ. And we talked about it and we said we’re going to sell everything here and go to Bentonville.

One of those moves was in the middle of a pandemic. But that didn’t stop Josh from getting the work in with his uncle. On and off the field.

“I remember one time specifically, they they had run the hills at the golf course there, and they were on the way back about done. And Josh said, ok, I’m ready to go home. When DJ said, well, you’re going to have to run to get home. And he he was like, well, I don’t want to run to get home. He said winners, you know, are going to put that extra effort in. You know, you meet people that are mediocre are just going to, you know, stop at this point out here. And Josh said, I just want to be mediocre today. And DJ said, you don’t understand what I’m saying son. You’re going to run home one way or another.”

I can confirm that Josh made it home safely. He also made it to a place that he has always wanted to play and that’s the University of Arkansas. He is on the punt
team at the moment, but always gets knowledge from the upper classmen offensive lineman group. Whether its about football, family, or life in general.

“A lot of them are big brothers to him. They’ve taken them under their wing and they’ve just molded him and they’re making him, you know, Coach Kennedy, Coach Pittman, all the coaches are just doing a dynamic job of, you know, pushing them and making them be what they need to be. And I’m just proud my son’s playing for Arkansas. As a mom it’s the greatest thing in the world.”