FAYETTEVILLE, AR. (KNWA/KFTA) – The 2022 season comes with high expectations for the Arkansas Razorback, and when it comes to individual expectations, there are few that compare to sophomore kicker Cam Little.

“I think the bar can ever be set too high for somebody. You know, NFL numbers, NFL guys, I always hold myself to an NFL standard. So chasing what those guys would achieve, I want to hold myself to that same standard because if you don’t hold yourself to that standard, you’re never going to make it where those guys are,” says Little.

The five-star high school recruit went 20 for 24 for FGs and was perfect on PATs.

It was the fifth-best single-season field goal percentage in school history and the best by an Arkansas kicker since 2013.

“You know, I kind of had in my mind like obviously, it’s your plan to ball out like that, like you want to be successful as possible. But I kind of talked about it with my dad sometimes I’m like if I was sitting a year ago before, I was like, really? You would’ve told me I would be going 85 -83% my freshman year of college and SEC starting against some teams like Alabama, Georgia, and away games. yeah, I would have I would have told you, you’re crazy,” says Little.

Confidence he believes is carrying over to this season.

“Obviously, 83% percent is good in a lot of people’s eyes, 80% plus is really good for a lot of kickers in college football, but I want to be in that 90%, 100% range that some NFL guys are hitting.”

It’s not just himself he’s expecting more from.

“I think we’re fully capable of winning a national championship this year, winning the west. I think a lot of people think outside of, you know, maybe Razorback fans of the team don’t probably think that, but I think we are 100% capable of doing it. I’ve seen the guys on the field, how hard they work, how hard we work as a team. And just the bond we have is unbreakable. And I think we can really go far this year. So I have high hopes for us, and I know we’ll get the job done,” says Little.

Sam Pittman has given him several shout-outs during fall camp, at one point calling him an out-spoken leader of this team, so it’ll be very interesting to see what he can accomplish this season.