“My whole philosophy is this and I tell the guys all the time, if the defense is better with you on the field, you play. Period end of story”, said Arkansas Defensive Lineman Coach Deke Adams.

New Defensive Lineman Coach Deke Adams believes in giving everyone a chance, no matter their classification. Coach Adams has returners like Dorian Gerald, Zach Williams, and Jashaud Stewart who might be a key part to that defensive lineman room this season.

Coach Adams says, “My ideal is I want to rotate as many that’s ready to play. You know I’m not going to put a guy out on the field if he is not ready to play, but right now we are looking at probably five or six guys that we feel good about. But its still a working progress. So we have a lot of time and a lot of practices before we get to September third, but everyday is a grind and that’s the way we talk about. We got to be better.”

Although Coach Adams is a new coach on the hill, he is no stranger to the SEC. He coached at Ole Miss in 2020, at Mississippi State a year before that, and a three year stint with the Gamecocks from 2013-2015. He sees his role as being a coach on and off the field.

“He’s going to be on you but at the same time, he is going to teach you about life. We not just watching film; I mean we’re watching film but we talk off the field stuff too. About family, different other things after football. We don’t just talk about football, but then he will be joking with you one minute and the next minute he’ll be like come on, you better than that. He always on you, he always want you to be better. He good at just motivating you”, said Adams.

Adams also has a family of his own, who is also sports driven. From his wife playing basketball for four years at Southern Miss, and to his two sons Jaylen and Jordyn. One was even drafted to the MLB. So sports, is Deke’s life on and off the field.