OMAHA, NE. (KNWA) – Back in 2019, Arkansas shortstop Jalen battles and his dad Fred were sitting in the stands at what is now Charles Schwab Field watching the Razorbacks in the College World Series.

“We were just talking about how great of an opportunity it would be to be here and he told me that day we will be here. He’s made our dreams come true and his dreams come true,” Fred said.

“I think I was committed to here already, I told him I wanna be here playing on the field, having all the fans be star struck by me,” Jalen said.

Three years later, Battles is back in Omaha, but this time with a different view.

“I’m just gonna take everything in, if I see a camera I’m gonna say hi to it. I mean that’s the main thing, taking everything in cause life’s short,” Jalen said.

It’s a dream that wouldn’t be possible without the star shortstop making the decision to come back to Arkansas for another year.

“Two was just bonus, I wanted to get to Omaha, have a shot at playing for a national championship and that’s why I came back,” Jalen said.

“He would have played in No. 82, that was his high school football jersey. The number didn’t matter. He wanted to go to the College World Series, so we’re here,” Fred said.

Now that he’s here, he hopes the next picture his dad takes of him is after they win it all.

“As a dad I get to see it all, but to see him grow into this role to be a leader of this team, he’s just a great role model for these guys, that’s all I can ask for as a dad,” Fred said.

And just like his dad – Jalen’s also made hog fans very proud.