FAYETTEVILLE — Arkansas’ defensive line continues to draw praise from observers for both its talent and depth.

One of the new additions is former Pitt defensive end John Morgan III. Morgan transferred to Arkansas at midterm and is expected to play a key role for the Hogs this season. Following Tuesday’s practice, Morgan talked about his time at Arkansas and how he was drawn to the school by Deke Adams who he was familiar with through his father.

“I mean my dad was a college coach growing up so he coached all throughout the DII level, ACC level,” Morgan said. “I guess through the grapevine, maybe at coaches conventions that’s kind of how they created a relationship. And me and Coach Deke’s son were in the same recruiting class, so we were going through that process together, going on recruiting visits together, at certain schools we’d always see each other. It was a family connection from the jump. As soon as they said they were interested in me, I kind of just rolling on air and I was ready to go.”

Morgan could have gone to a school with fewer proven defensive linemen, but said the depth chart wasn’t a factor.

“Nah, I didn’t hesitate,” Morgan said. “Coming from Pittsburgh, I always played with a deep defensive line and I felt that was something that’s needed in these top conferences. You can’t really go in with five or six guys and think it’s gonna work out because injuries happen. I think depth is the biggest thing for us and knowing we have a good defensive line now, I think we’re going to have a great season.”

Morgan, 6-foot-2, 270-pounds, is a redshirt senior. Morgan played in 53 games at Pitt with eight starts. Morgan had 73 tackles, 45 solo, 23 for loss, 14 sacks, 3.0 forced fumbles, 25 quarterback hurries and 2.0 passes defended. Morgan has even made plans for when football is finished for him.

“The goal is to announce,” Morgan said. “I know I’ve got to work my way up the ladder, but I feel like I have a great voice for the game. Watching guys on TV, I feel like it would be an easy fit for me, because I’ve always been a film junkie. In my free time, I kind of just watch football as much as I can. I feel like any sport really, I feel like I would be good for it.”

Which sports other than football would you like to announce?

“If I had to choose one, I’d probably say something like MMA or something,” Morgan said. “I feel like that’s a little more something I can lash out and be myself. It’s not really a strict script to what you’ve got to say. You kind of just live it and whatever the fans really like. So I think I’d be good for that.”

It isn’t just defensive end that is considered deep on the line. The tackles have also impressed.

“I mean playing with those guys, you’ve got big Tank (Booker), Keivie (Rose), Cam Ball,” Morgan said. “Those guys are 300-plus. If they can hold double teams and let (Jordan) Crook and Chris Paul run around all day, let Antonio Grier run down gaps, it’s going to be a hard day for opposing offenses, because I mean if you’ve got six or seven in the backfield, I believe they’ll be a top SEC run defense in the country.”

The tackles on offense that Morgan has faced have also impressed despite them being so young.

“Like I said, coming from the ACC, it’s like they’re bigger, stronger, faster,” Morgan said. “Going against (Patrick) Kutas, (Andrew) Chamblee and big Dev (Devon Manuel), they’re all long arms, strong. Coach (Ben) Sowders has put them in the best position to be top tackles in the SEC. I was talking to (Trajan) Jeffcoat the other day saying the SEC is full of edge rushers. That’s the premiere position coming out of the SEC and I feel like them going against us every single day is going to put them in the best position to handle their own on Saturday’s.”

Morgan talked about the changes he has made since his first year in college.

“I take it day by day,” Morgan said. “I’m an early bird. I like to wake up early in the morning, try to get all of my rehab and stuff out before I try to get to practice. The body is what makes everything run.

“If you don’t take care of your body…I’ve learned that throughout the years of playing with guys that have played in the NFL. They’ve always given me knowledge and stuff like that, saying ‘You want to take care of you body and always be a bug in the film room,’ because that’s what leads to the next level. If you can make plays watching film before you get on the field, I feel like that can carry you a long way because there’s a lot of plays that just come from watching film. You’ll sneak those plays over and over again, you’ll end up with 12 sacks and they’re looking at you, ‘How’d you get there?’ And it was those plays you saw a week ahead of time from watching film or throughout the week. That’s just me trying to be prepared for everything.”

Morgan and the Hogs will face Western Carolina on Saturday, Sept. 2, in Little Rock’s War Memorial Stadium at 3 p.m.