FAYETTEVILLE, AR. (KNWA/KFTA) Fall camp is underway, and it’s a fresh slate for the Arkansas Razorbacks. A clean start which is stirring new opportunities in the wide receiver room.   

“This year is going to be great, not just for me, just for the whole team, especially the offense. I know people keep bringing up Burks and whatnot. I mean, he was a great player, but it doesn’t stop there,” says Oklahoma transfer Jadon Haselwood. 

Wide receivers coach Kenny Guiton says Oklahoma transfer Jadon Haselwood has already jumped off the page as a stand-out leader. 

But Haselwood is not the only transfer turning heads. Senior Matt Landers is also making a name for himself on the practice field. 

When it comes to Landers, Guiton says his drive and size will go a long way; however, its his experience that could be the difference. 

“He knows what college football is all about. You know, he went from the SEC to playing the MAC for a little bit and coming back to the SEC. He knows, you know, what to expect, you know, so he’s not, you know, that bright-eyed kid coming in like everything surprising him,” says Guiton. 

It’s not just the older boys giving their all at fall camp; Guiton is noticing his young guns doing everything they can to compete with the upperclassmen. 

Fayetteville standout Isaiah Sategna is one of those showing his strengths. 

“A young guy coming in doesn’t have all that taxing on his body, you know, so he’s right now, you know, I mean, he’s running by a lot of guys and things, and that’s what he has to do. So um, well, keep, keep progressing him,” says Guiton. 

Haselwood joked that their Purple Dogs is already one, if not the quickest option. 

But he’s not the only freshman bringing the energy this season. 

“They actually took big steps, even just from coming in this summer with the walkthroughs and whatnot, and just seeing them being able to play in and make plays,” says Haselwood.