Kirk’s Korner: Happenings at Oklahoma Exactly Why I Changed my Opinion on Having a College Football Season, Update on SEC Schedule

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FAYETTEVILLE — I was leaning to being against a college football season a few week’s ago, but the more I thought about the pros and cons of it becoming in favor of it was easy.

On one hand you have 120 or so athletes in a structured setting at the school. They wear masks, social distancing when possible and are tested. Yes the NBA is in a bubble and having success against COVID-19, but one of the reasons why is they have practiced social distancing, wearing a mask and been tested.

If I ever had any doubts about college football should be played, it would have been erased with the latest happening at the University of Oklahoma. In a structured setting, they had no positive tests for COVID-19. They allowed the players to go home since the season isn’t starting Aug. 29 as had been planned. They came back and now nine tested positive according to an article on ESPN.

The truth is young people age 18-23 or so aren’t gonna wear masks for the most part when on their own. Don’t judge them neither would you or I at that age. Being in a structured setting at a school as opposed to hanging out with friends and going to bars or stuff isn’t comparable.

This isn’t to suggest something serious can’t happen with COVID-19 and college football. Football isn’t a safe game to begin with, but as far as the virus it just seems it will be easier for the athletes to battle it in a structured setting.

The virus isn’t anything to be taken lightly. I know many get it and suffer no harm. I have lost five friends to it and have one more who is barely hanging on to life right now.

The statistics also can be misleading concerning it. So many statistics only show if they lived or died. It isn’t that simple. The virus can leave major issues with the lungs, heart and kidneys.

So it’s certainly nothing to be taken lightly, but I am convinced playing football is a safer option than not playing.

SEC Schedule

The wait for the SEC schedule to be released is about finished. It will be released on Monday at 6 p.m. CT.

The University of Arkansas will host Alabama, LSU, Tennessee, Ole Miss and Georgia. They will travel to Florida, Mississippi State, Auburn, Missouri and Texas A&M.

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