FAYETTEVILLE — Redshirt sophomore quarterback KJ Jefferson is heading back to Mississippi to play a key game for the No. 13 Razorbacks.

Jefferson was a four-star standout at Sardis (Miss.) North Panola before inking with the Hogs. On Saturday morning he will lead the Hogs against No. 17 Ole Miss in Oxford. He talked about how he exciting it is to play in his home state.

“Very excited,” Jefferson said. “I’ve got a lot of  family members coming to the game to watch me play. They’ve never been to a game. So I’m pretty pumped that they’ll be able to make it and come see me play.”

Jefferson was asked about how hard Ole Miss recruited him and he explained he had very little interest in going there. Also how many members of his family will be there?

“Yes, Ole Miss did recruit me,” Jefferson said. “As far as family members, it’s a lot. That’s all I can say. It’s a lot.  I didn’t really think that much of Ole Miss just because I wanted to get out of the State of Mississippi. But Arkansas just took it away.”

The Hogs will kickoff at 11 a.m. again this week. Last week it didn’t seem as if the team was ready to play at that time. What, if anything, has the team done this week to prepare for Ole Miss at that time?

“The main thing is just getting into the offensive line’s head early, settling them down,” Jefferson said. “We know it’s going to be loud, we know it’s going to be a hostile environment. Just getting those guys to settle down, get settled in quickly as possible and make sure they make their calls and do all the little details right. The main thing is communicate up front. That’s the main thing I’m telling them. The thing I’d do different, I’d say is more preparation, just the environment and atmosphere, knowing what I’m going in to. Georgia being the first road game, truly the first road game, it kind of caught me off guard a little bit, but I was just wanting to be more prepared this go around.”

In the first five games, Jefferson has completed 54 of 91 passes for 909 yards, six touchdowns and only two interceptions. He has rushed 40 times for 235 yards and two touchdowns. He talked about how he feels he has played so far.

“I’m continuing to mature in areas I need to be mature in and continuing going as far as leadership skills, talking more on the sideline,” Jefferson said. “The little details such as body language and stuff like that. The main thing, I’m not trying to get too far ahead of myself. I’m just taking it day by day, game by game, play by play.

“Just staring with my teammates, that’s all. I mean, my teammates, O-line, create lanes for me to run through just like the other guys. And down the field as far as receivers, just giving them the chance to make the play and just going up and making plays down the field. I just give it all to my teammates.”

Jefferson was injured against Texas A&M and his status for Ole Miss wasn’t known until just before kickoff. Is the knee still bothering you?

“No, I’m good,” Jefferson said. “I’m ready to go.”