FAYETTEVILLE — No. 10 Arkansas got its deep passing game going on Saturday night in a 38-27 win over Missouri State at Razorback Stadium.

Entering the game, Arkansas’ longest completion on the season was 32 yards. Against the Bears, Jefferson completed 19 of 31 passes for 385 yards, two touchdowns and an interception. Jefferson also rushed nine times for 40 yards and another touchdown.

Jefferson hit six different players with passes with four of them making receptions longer than 32 yards. Jefferson never doubted his group of receivers.

“I mean, I knew my guys could run and make plays down the field, so my thing was just being able to try to get them a catchable ball, give them a shot and let them make plays on the outside,” Jefferson said. “And then just looking at their defense, we knew they were loading the box, so they were ready for the run, so we knew we could open up the pass game and the run would come after that. Just being able to have a balanced attack this game we just had and being able to give my guys a shot.”

Matt Landers led the way with seven catches for 123 yards with a long of 47. Jadon Haselwood caught five passes for 86 yards and a touchdown with a long of 38. Tight end Trey Knox caught three passes for 30 yards. Rocket Sanders grabbed a pair of passes for 75 yards and a 73-yard touchdown on a shovel pass. Ketron Jackson had a 64-yard catch to the Missouri State one. Warren Thompson caught one pass for seven yards.

Landers dropped a pass against South Carolina that was likely going for a touchdown or at least long gain. Jefferson was asked if he talked to Landers about that drop?

“He’s real hard on himself,” Landers said. “So any drop he has in practice or in the game, he’s extremely hard on himself. So, me just being able to be a leader that I am and talk to him like ‘Next play, next play. I’m not losing confidence in you. I know I still can go to you in any given moment, deliver a great ball to you. I know you’ll make the play.’ Just being able to keep him level-headed, neutral mindset and not getting too down on himself.”

The one interception Jefferson threw Saturday night simply bounced off Knox’s hands into the hands of a Missouri State defender. Knox did bounce back with a very big third-down reception on the final drive that put the game away. Jefferson talked about Knox’s drop.

“Just everybody holding each other accountable,” Jefferson said. “I mean, we know things in the game are not going to go as planned. Anything can happen at any given moment, so just being able to hold each other accountable to a high standard and just having the confidence and trust in each other. We trust everybody on the team, we’re loyal to each other, so just being able to know in clutch situations we can all depend on each other and count on each other.”

On Saturday night, Jefferson seemed to have some opportunities to run, but instead stayed in the pocket to find a receiver.

“I felt like my performance tonight running the ball, I feel like I should’ve just trusted myself a little bit more running the ball,” Jefferson said. “But I mean, it wasn’t designed for me to only run nine times. It was up to me. But at the same time, I feel like I showed people that I could throw the ball tonight. Just being able to deliver good balls and let my guys on the perimeter make plays. So just being able to give the defense something to think about, just knowing that I can’t just run the ball and be one-dimensional. Just being able to throw the ball and be a true quarterback.”

The Razorbacks scored 21 points in the fourth quarter while holding the Bears to three. Jefferson talked about how they got things back on track after trailing most of the night.

“Just start fast,” Jefferson said. “We came out pretty slow, sluggish. A lot of MA’s, penalties and stuff. Just being able to clean up the little small details and then just being able to come out versus a great team and then start fast and get the tempo rolling. Just try to stay ahead of the chains and not get too far back in down and distance and stuff like that. Just coming out starting fast, eliminate penalties, mental errors and we’ll be efficient.”

What was the mood on the sideline when down 17-0 in the second quarter?

“Just elite mindset,” Jefferson said. “Just being able to just overcome adversity. We had never been down this season. So just being able to just not point the finger and just come together, keep encouraging each other, keep everybody uplifted. No bad body language. Just being able to have an elite mindset. Everybody approached it chin up, chest out. Just knowing that we’re in an adverse situation, how do we respond? Just being able to have an elite mindset, knowing that we can gel together and not divide and overcome adversity.”

While the Hogs did struggle against Missouri State they did manage to win. That is something many Top 25 teams haven’t been able to do this season.

“Just knowing the penalties that we had and the mental errors, we can’t afford that going against great teams,” Jefferson said. “That’s going to hurt us and put ourselves in a hole like it did tonight. I mean, some teams don’t battle back from that, but we overcame adversity. We knew what we had to do, and we had to play to that standard.”

Arkansas will face No. 23 Texas A&M on Saturday night in AT&T Stadium in Arlington.