FAYETTEVILLE, Ar. (KNWA/KFTA) – On this week’s KJ Kronicles, Courtney Mims takes a look at the relationship between KJ Jefferson and his mom and how the bond between mother and son was strengthened after her stroke.

“I can tell when something’s not right with me you know you just get that feeling, and I had that feeling and as far as I was driving, it just kept happening,” Katorie Moore said.

Something wasn’t right, Jefferson’s mom had a stroke and had to undergo brain surgery. Jefferson, who was a senior in high school at the time, found out through his high school coach and rushed to see her.

“It was a lot for him and when he did get to me. All he did was come in the room and he got his head and he put it in my chest and said momma you can’t leave me I need you,” Moore said.

It was hard for young KJ, who had to keep playing football without his No. 1 fan in the stands.

“He would always kinda break down because he was used to her, her voice, I don’t care how loud it was in the stands, it’s something about his mom’s voice, with him not hearing it, it did something to him,” KJ’s aunt Jessica Cooper said.

After much recovery, the doctors finally allowed her to go to one of KJ’s games again and what a moment the reunion was.

“I will tell you I remember it cause as they were pushing me, they were like if you show out and cut up and run your pressure up we’re putting you in the car and heading back home. You will not stay and I was like I’m gonna be good,” Moore said.

“It was halftime and he was getting ready to go, and even the fans they had come to the rail, they was hollering they was crying. The coach hit him on the shoulder, brought him out and said look over there,” Cooper said.

“And the coach got is attention and I was like there’s my baby, there’s my baby and all I could do was like come to me, hurry up and come to me. And he was like is that really her? And he just took out running, it was a surreal moment right there,” Moore said.

Flash forward to today, KJ’s mom doing much better now and does her best to be at every game her son plays.

The adversity they both faced that fateful season strengthening the bond between mother and son.