FAYETTEVILLE — In the summer, this reporter predicted the results of each game this football season for the Hogs.

I came to the conclusion that Arkansas would finish 9-3 this season. That prediction is looking very shaky at this time, but it’s not that far off at this point.

Among the points I made was Arkansas had to have a very good September and November because the October schedule was brutal. I wrote that Arkansas needed to come out of September 4-0 or 3-1 at worse. They actually did that losing only to Texas A&M 23-21 in a game they should have won. I had them going 4-0 in September.

I then predicted Arkansas would lose to Alabama, Mississippi State and BYU in October. So I had the Razorbacks going into the bye week 4-3. It appears the Hogs could be 3-4 unless they find a way to beat Mississippi State and/or BYU.

After the bye week, I had the Hogs going to Auburn and winning. I then had them running the table in November beating Liberty, LSU and Ole Miss at home before heading to Missouri where they would down the Tigers.

Both LSU and Ole Miss are much better than I felt they would be at the time of prediction. But as noted the Hogs do get both of them at home.

At this point the No. 25 Hogs are 3-2 overall and 1-2 in the SEC. There’s not a game left on the schedule that is an automatic win. On the other hand, no team remaining on the schedule is unbeatable if the Hogs play better football. Alabama was the best team Arkansas faces during the regular season.

The 9-3 prediction is likely to be wrong. How wrong? Only time will tell, but the Razorbacks can still get to that point or close to it if they improve and regroup. The bye week will be very important to Arkansas and it’s a must they use it wisely and continue to make adjustments that assures improvement.

Arkansas was 8-4 last season and went through a three-game losing streak. At the end of the year, most felt very good about the 9-4 Hogs and Outback Bowl champions.