Hoover, Alabama – Arkansas head football coach Chad Morris addressed a Twitter post from Inside the Team in June stating an anonymous former player’s criticism of Morris towards his players in Fayetteville.

The post stated the player has a high football IQ and does a lot to try to develop professional young men. But then goes on to say Morris doesn’t try to develop any type of relationship with his players. The players hardly hear from him or see him unless there is a camera rolling. It also went on to say the team lacked competition and had predetermined the starters from day 1 of spring practice in 2018. The former player ended his thoughts on Morris saying he needs to learn how to improve relationships with his players.

The original post from Inside the Team on Twitter back in June 2019.

On Wednesday at SEC Media Days in Hoover, Alabama the media had its first chance to ask Morris about the anonymous comments.

“I put zero credibility into someone that’s going to put something anonymous out there. You talk to our players and you talk to our guys and you walk in to our locker room. No credibility into that. Well we always do that every year,” Morris added. “We go through and visit with our guys. Our purpose is relationships. We talk about that we talk about it over and over. Our relationship with our players, relationships with our coaches. That’s something that’s on the constant forefront of who we are.”

Senior defensive tackle McTelvin Agim backed up his coach and gave his seal of approval for Morris being open to hear from his players.

“Coach Chad, I really think he’s a players coach. Like if you’ve got a problem you can come to him or come to the leaders on the team. Ask for that problem to be done,” Agim said. “If we doing something wrong we get punished for it. He always tries to make it better for us so we don’t get punished as badly. So I can’t say coach Chad’s not for everybody on the team I feel like he is.”

Morris and the Razorbacks will official report for fall camp on August 1st and begin practice on August 2nd. Arkansas hosts Portland State on August 31st at Razorback Stadium.