FAYETTEVILLE — Sophomore second baseball Peyton Stovall is the latest Razorback to be lost for the season.

Stovall has played in 38 games this season. He hit five home runs, knocked in 31 runs and hitting .253. Dave Van Horn delivered the bad news ahead of the Vanderbilt series that opens on Thursday night in Nashville.

“I was going to make that announcement, but you came up with it,” Van Horn said. “He’s done for the year. He’s going to have surgery, probably in the next 10 days. He’s got a torn labrum. It’s not huge, but it definitely needs to be fixed. (We’ll) try to get him ready for fall ball, late fall.”

The stats for Stovall aren’t what was expected and Van Horn admitted the injuries were a big factor for that.

“I think it impacted it a lot, big-time on offense,” Van Horn said. “As a matter of fact, we think he hurt it swinging. There were a couple of pitches when he swung and missed that stood out when he grimaced big time. He remembers one of them, and that was a month and a half ago. So, might have started out as some inflammation in there and then got better and got back out there again, and that’s when we think he hurt it, somewhere in there like I said, six weeks ago. I think he’s been playing in pain. He’s been, honestly, probably miserable. I’m glad we know what it is and can get it fixed, and he can move on. I think he’ll have a great season next year.”

Peyton Holt stepped in for Stovall in recent series and that will continue. In 23 games, Holt has hit one home run, knocked in 10 and has a .333 batting average.

“The good thing is he’s got some experience the last few weeks to play,” Van Horn said. “He’s done a really good job for us defensively and offensively, as well, obviously. So it’s not like… We’ve kind of known this was going to happen. In a way, you could kinda see it coming, some of the tests and different things, so it’s not like it’s a shock to us. We’ve known for a while.”

Left fielder Jared Wegner, who was injured against Little Rock, is expected to return this weekend against Vanderbilt Van Horn said.