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It is time for our weekly “Ask Mike” Segment as veteran analyst Mike Irwin takes your questions regarding topics in Razorback Athletics and other things in the sports world.

Jumpty on Hogville wants to know:

What overall grade would you give Hunter Yurachek as our AD? He’s made good hires and seems to have more of a backbone than Jeff Long. He also seems more connected to the Razorback fan base than Long ever was.

LifeTimeHogFan asks: DO YOU REMEMBER?

October 22, 1960 (My 16th. Birthday)

Arkansas vs Ole Miss- War Memorial Stadium- Little Rock, Arkansas. Ole Miss was ranked #1 Nationally, led by All- American QB Jake Gibbs. Arkansas had their own All-American, an undersized linebacker, Wayne Harris. Harris played his heart out that night.

The game came down to the final seconds tied 7-7. Ole Miss attempted a field goal that split the uprights. But…time out had been called before the kick. The second attempt sailed badly left. We were celebrating in the same end zone. We had tied the number one team in the nation. But… The referee, Tommy Bell signaled good. Game over. Ole Miss wins 10-7. No one could believe it. Friends became enemies. Fights broke out. After 1961, the series was suspended, not to be resumed again until 1981.

PorkSoda wants to know: Have you had a chance to talk with any of the football staff? Has to program been completely shut down, or are the coaches still recruiting by phone, etc.

MuskogeeHogFan asks: Can you discuss what work-outs are being sent to the players to take the place of being on campus in person with the staff? Not only redesigned physical work outs, but online learning of the play book/scheme and tests in that regard to insure they are learning?

hawaiianhogster has several questions:

01. Who are the Grad Assistant Coaches for our football team?

02. What position or positions are they responsible for?

03. Can you give us a little bit of their background as far as what college they attended and what positions they played there?

04. What exactly do they do to help the coaches?

05. Finally how big a difference can Grad Assistant coaches make when it comes to wins and losses?

Lanny wants to know: Do you think Mason Jones and Isaiah Joe will turn pro? What are the chances of one or both of them coming back:

Razorback Redneck asks: What’s this I’m hearing about a college baseball season this summer?

HawgAmericanStyle asks: Did Sam Pittman say that the offense staff may not have all of the offense installed by the first game? Isn’t this the same thing Chad Morris complained about?

Lanny want to know: Will there be any kind of spring football?

How will the shut down of college sports this spring affect attendance at college football games next fall?

Hear from Mike and Drew Amman on those topics and more in our daily update.

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