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It is time once again for our weekly “Ask Mike” segment where our veteran analyst Mike Irwin answers your questions about Razorback Athletics.

Our first question comes from Piglet who says: I am losing faith in our coaching staff, but I really do not want to go through another change. Other than recruiting, can you point out some things that suggest they are turning the program around?

1. The receivers are better.

2. The running backs are fine.

3. The O-line is even slighty improved.

4. The problem is youth on defense, especially in the secondary

5. And a total failure to establish and develop a quarterback.

6. Some progress has been made but not enough to make me optimistic at this point.

I_Called_That_Play_Brotha asks: After two years, why do I not see even attempts to run the offense CCM is said to have installed at Clemson?

1. Apparently because they’ve had to dumb down the offense…

2. …To keep the QBs, Receivers and TE’s from being confused.

3. Also it takes so long to get everybody set there’s no pace to the offense.

4. Instead of left lane, hammer down

5. It’s moving ahead slowly in first gear

hobhog wants to know: Can you clarify the “transfer portal”? Other than graduates who can transfer with immediate eligibility, how is anything differ for undergraduates other than going on a “wish to transfer” list? They still have to sit a year, correct?

1. That is correct.

2. The main difference with the Transfer Portal is your name goes into a data base…

3. …so it’s easier for coaches to see who is available for transfer.

4. It’s streamlined the process.

5. Also the NCAA seems to be allowing more wavers these days.

6. Fewer players are having to sit out.

bhogs05 asks: Do you think Chad has lost the team with the recent transfers. Do you expect more transfer requests if/when we get blown out these next 2 games?

1. Lost another committment.

2. The transfer situation seems to have calmed down.

2. From what I’m hearing future transfers are more likely at the end of the season

3. If November goes bad.

RandomPigInLousiana is curious: Do you think it’s a good idea to at least try one of the young quarterbacks? With the way the season is going I don’t see it hurting anything.

1. Ben Hicks is the only QB on scholarship who can’t help next year.

2. I would start Starkel the rest of the season no matter what.

3. Try to develop him in this offense.

4. John Stephen Jones should play some this week at Alabama.

5. He’s already reshirted.

6. This nonsense about don’t put him in against a team like Alabama or LSU.

7. He might lose his coinfidence

8. Makes me laugh

9. Rookies make mistakes.

10 They sometimes look dumb.

11. If that shatters their confidence they are too fragile to play football anyway.

12. K.J. Jefferson needs to play some in the last four games.

13. It makes no sense to keep him on the shelf.

14. He might have to be your starter at some point next year.

15. Start getting him ready now.

Großer Kriegschwein says:We’re about to run a gauntlet consisting of two of the top rated defenses/offenses in the conference in Auburn and Alabama. It’s probably a given that our roster won’t be as healthy heading into the MS State game. How do you see that playing out for the following week against WKU?

1. It is a myth that a team is more likely to suffer injuries against better teams.

2. Even more physical teams.

3. At this point it doesn’t look like there any serious injuries against Auburn

4. The most serious injury in the Alabama-Tennessee game was to Alabama’s QB.

5. There’s no reason to believe that Arkansas will be beat up for the Western Kentucky game.

6. It could happen… but to me injuries are random.

7. You could be playing a team with zero wins and you might lose you best player to an injury.

tusked wants to know: Has CCM wife ever attended a Razorback game in Fayetteville ?

1. She’s been to most of the home games.

2. Not sure about the road.

3. She usually sits with the recruits.

Jim Harris asks: Mike, was there a scuffle between assistant coaches on Saturday night at Lexington? Who won?

1. From what I’ve been told it was an argument rather than a scuffle.

2. Apparently one assistant coach said something to the players coached by another assistant.

3. That assistant took exception and bascially said..

4. Coach your own players.

5. Leave my guys alone.

6. They are my responsibility.

7. As far as I know that was the end of it.

PigDaddyKane wants to know: If we are going to fire a basketball coach who never had a losing record, how long do we give a football coach to show improvement or get us to a winning record?

1. Anderson had 8 years.

2. He was hired to make Arkansas consistently relevant in the NCAA basketball tournament.

3. That didn’t happen.

4. Morris was hired to rebuild the program.

5. A rebuild usually takes more than two years, but not always.

4. My answer on Morris’ future is the same as it was last week.

5. I don’t know how long he has.

6. I keep hearing that paying his buyout is an issue.

7. If I were an AD I’d never fire a coach unless I was almost certain I could get a big upgrade.

8. I don’t know who Hunter Yurachek has in mind if he makes that move.

9. Hopefully, like Frank Broyles, he already has somebody in mind.

kevin says: Who is the person or the people that got totally hosed on the contract negotiations with morris. that huge of a buyout with his resume. Were they drunk during the negotiations?

1. I’ve been asked this a couple of times now.

2. It’s a good question.

3. Acting AD Julia Peoples did it with the approval of the University Board of Trustees.

4. I can only assume that the big buyout was done out of ignorance.

5. Those people had not negotiated contracts.

6. They apparently thought big buyouts were standard.

7. The current AD was not involved in the search.

8. Morris was already pretty much hired when Hunter Yurachek was hired as AD.

9. That whole thing was a mess. Blame it on Gus Malzahn loving boosters who were salivating at the idea that they could get Gus.

10. Can Arkansas boosters get over this Gus love? Seriously.

12. Do they love Nick Saban?

13. Ed Orgeron was once at Arkansas. Do they love him?

14. Get over it.

kodiakisland is worried about me. He says: Mike, how are you doing? Is the thought of covering this team making you think how nice retirement might be?

1. No.

2. To me, retirement is a boring thought.

3. I like my job.

4. Like the people I work for.

5. Football will be back.

6. Somebody will get it going.

Okay, time for a couple of basketball questions:

Roadhog82 wants to know: What are your thoughts on the UALR exhibition game? What do think will constitute a successful season for Coach Muss in his first year?

1. They looked really good at the start of the game

2. And early in the 2nd half.

3. Seemed to get careless both times they had a big lead.

4. LR’s probably improved from a year ago. Certainly they were motived for obvious reasons

5. At times they played with more effort than Arkansas.

6. The inside game is going to be a challenge for this team.

6. Scoring and rebounding needs to improve a lot.

7. Can’t just be a three point shooting team

8. There were times when their half court motion offense worked and they got some inside buckets and short jumnpers.

9. But it wasn’t consistent.

10. Reggie Chaney struggled. Got into foul trouble.

11. He can and will play better.

12. I could see these guys winning anywhere from 15 to 18 games but who knows.

13 We’re talking about one exhibtion game at this point.

14. Gonna take some solid recruiting to get this program in the top 25.

gmarv asks: What are your thoughts on why the ncaa takes so long to give a yes or no answer on the eligibility of a player such as Conner Vanover ?

1. I’ve been trying to figure the NCAA out for 45 years.

2. Not much of anything those people do makes any sense to me.

3. I don’t think anybody with a brain would want to go on trial with decision makers on the jury.

4. You might go on trial for tax evasion and end up convicted of murder.

That’s it for this week. We’ll be talking about the Bama game next Monday on Ask Mike.

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