It was about halfway through the first quarter of the game between Arkansas and 3rd ranked Tennessee in 1999, when Rickey Glover made it to the stadium. Glover, a UofA student at the time, says the student section was already at max capacity so he was moved to seats right behind the north endzone.

“It was the last home game before they did the first renovation,” says Rickey. “So we knew we were going to tear the place a part.”

And the fans did just that.

“About the 20 yard line, T Martin overthrew his receiver right here in the endzone on 4th down and this place absolutely exploded.”

Arkansas upset the defending National Champions and won 28-24. Once time expired thousands of Razorback fans, including Rickey, rushed the field.

“The mass of people rushed from this endzone and student section all going to the 50 yard line. Well I saw my window of opportunity to scale the goalpost.”

He had a friend bost him up to sit on the goalpost which resulted in a very well-known image of Rickey, taken right before the goalpost snapped.

“There’s actually footage, you can go back and see my eyes get big as saucers, see my life flash before my eyes. Something about winning a ball game like that and the adrenaline pumping. If that was my time to go what a way to go.”

Rickey added, “When it fell the mass of people picked it up and I was caught in the elbow and whether I wanted to or not I had to travel with it.”

He and thousands of other fans carried the goalpost to Dickson Street and celebrated one of the biggest wins in program history well into the night. Which made for one of the best experiences of Rickey’s life.

“And my favorite moment still hasn’t happened. That’s what keeps me coming back.”