Recapping a Big Get for Hog Hoops: Kevin McPherson Catches up with Guard Moses Moody

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Story By Drew Amman:

Little Rock, AR-

Guard Moses Moody, a top 30 prospect nationally, committed to the Hogs Saturday. Here’s a Q&A between Kevin McPherson and Moody, a Little Rock Native:

(Kevin McPherson)

So I’m here with 2020, Moses Moody, a son of Little Rock…came home from Montverde Academy, a prestigious basketball school in Florida, to commit, and you chose between Arkansas, Michigan, and Virginia, and the Razorbacks won out. Moses did talk a little bit in depth about this ride and this experience. I know you just did the interview with everybody. Want to get it again? Your thoughts and feelings, emotions, just all ability to get to this point.

(Moses Moody)

Yeah, it was definitely a ride. That’s a great way to describe it. It was a lot of emotion involved with it. I mean, I had 30-some offers. And getting there, narrowing it down was definitely, definitely a hard process. I just feel like Musselman had an edge even coming in late. A lot of guys recruited me since my sophomore year and everything. Musselman came in late. I feel like he put in extra effort to really show his love and support.


You’ve been on Arkansas’ campus multiple times. You took two official visits. You’ve been there for unofficial visits as you built through that process. The last time you were there, you went with KK Robinson. You guys talked about playing together. But what kind of sent them over the top at that point for you?


I really got to go in depth and hang out with the team and just really see what the team was about. So I just really saw a lot of changes in just the team’s mentality, the way that they approach the game. I feel like he brought a really professional feel.


You remember when I interviewed you right after that visit you talked about, there was a pro feel, not just in practice, but throughout talking to players and the coaches. Did that excite you? How did that get your wheels turning that you’re thinking…next level? Next level?


Yeah, definitely. I mean, if you watch me play I’m not a very emotional player. I’m pretty even keel. I look at it as I’m playing professional. I expect to do good things when I play. So it doesn’t surprise me. Therefore, you know that that’s really a mentality I really like to focus on.


Pace and space offense. We see the ball movement. Arkansas’ first game. Two hundred fifty-four passes. A guy like you that’s an elite catch and shoot guy, but you can do a lot of other things. Talk about what you’re going to bring to the Razorbacks playing under Musselman.


Yeah, I just see the system. He’s really bringing in just that. Just the energy. I love that. I just love the energy, the good vibes that they play with. Yesterday I can tell that they’re having fun. They don’t have to look over the area, coach everything, every mistake they make. They get really free to play. And I thought, that’s how I like to play it. I like the guard, and they do that. And he’s just playing in the SEC. It’s a great conference, and I am ready to compete.”


So talk a little bit about some of these other in-state guys. I know you did it a minute ago. But tell us again who you’re going after you text when you call and how you’re getting it done.


Yeah. You know, I’m. I’m going after the guys. I’m trying to get out. I’m trying to get K.K. and Jaylin and Chris, and all of them.

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